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Support the Super-wiki
The Super-wiki and its domain, is hosted by [[User:Angstslashhope|Hope]], who also runs [] (the Super-wiki's original home) a non-profit, multi-fandom hosting domain.
Aside from time and energy commitments, there are also financial costs involved in running a website. If you make good use of Super-wiki and would like to help out by contributing directly to the financial costs of running it '''[ community/x/10173367#/ you can contribute to an Indiegogo campaign]''' until 17 July 201418 May 2018.
Donations go through [ Dreamhost], the hosting provider of the Super-wiki, and thus directly to supporting the website.
Thank you!<noinclude>[[CAtegory:Super-wiki]][[Category:Super-wiki Admin]]</noinclude>

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