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|image= [[File:Death.jpg|350px]][[File:Billie as death.png |350px]]
|name= Death
|actor= [[Julian Richings]]<br>[[Lisa Berry]]|dates= '''Original Death:''' Before Creation - 2015 (killed by [[Dean Winchester]])
|occupation= [[Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse|Horseman of the Apocalypse]]
|episodes= [[5.21 Two Minutes to Midnight]]<br>[[6.11 Appointment in Samarra]]<br>[[7.01 Meet the New Boss]]<br>[[9.01 I Think I'm Gonna Like It Here]]<br>[[10.23 Brother's Keeper]]<br>[[13.05 Advanced Thanatology]]<br>[[13.19 Funeralia]]
In 2017, its revealed that the [[reaper]] [[Billie]] has taken Death's place due to a rule stating that the next reaper to die after an incarnation of Death is killed becomes Death themselves.
As a horsemen, Death has a true form, but has to kill a human to take on their form. This man was old and slender, almost skeleton-looking. In the horseman's true form, Death possesses a pair of tremendous wings. Death has a liking for junk food. Death travels in a [[Death's Cadillac|white 1959 Cadillac]] with a California license plate that reads BUH*BYE. While [[reaper]]s in ''Supernatural'' are portrayed as being part of the natural order, Death is initially seen as being catastrophic, but after the re-imprisonment of Lucifer, he returns to his position as the leader of the reapers as a force for balance. Death's knowledge and age are immeasurable, and his power is immense, exceeding that of almost any other entity encountered by Sam and Dean.
===Powers and abilities===
Being the eldest and most powerful of the [[Four Horsemen]], and an ancient primordial being of similar age to [[God]], Death is unimaginably powerful and is in fact one of the most powerful beings in existence. [[Amara]] is the only being more powerful than him, with God being is only equal. To explain his power level to Dean, whom he compared to a snarky bacterium, he stated that a bacterium to a human is basically the same as a human to Death, stating the Galaxy is "barely out of its diapers" compared to him. Nothing can kill who he wills to live, as stated by Dean, and he can keep someone dead if he wants to without anyone being able to resurrect them, possibly by sending them to the Empty.
* Apporting - Death was able to summon his scythe to him".
* Immortality - Death is exempt from all forms of pain, fatigue, age, and disease. Death stated that he will eventually be the only thing to last forever.
* Nigh-Omniscience - Death has an almost absolute awareness of the universe that exceeds that of the archangels, and is only rivaled by God.
* Nigh-Omnipotence - As a primordial being and being the eldest and most powerful member of the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse, Death can do almost anything that he desires, possessing a great deal of near infinite supernatural power. Death is so powerful that he is one of the few beings that can enter Lucifer's Cage without the need of the Rings of the Horsemen. Death is also powerful enough to remove and/or transfer the Mark of Cain. He even created an eclipse by realigning the Solar System.
* Resurrection - As he is literally the bringer of death, Death can resurrect all forms of life back to any state he so desires. He could bring multiple people back to life just with his passing. However, as it violates the Natural Order, he almost never does.
* Memory Manipulation - Death was able to suppress Sam's horrific memories of being in Hell by placing the memories behind a temporary wall he created in his mind.
* Teleportation - He can teleport himself anywhere in the universe instantly. He could even teleport into and leave Lucifer's Cage without the need of the rings.
* Tactile Necrokinesis - He can instantly kill anything or anyone with a touch. After being bumped into by a man walking in the opposite direction to him, Death brushed his coat with his hand where the man had walked into him, killing him instantly.
* Thermokinesis - Death caused his scythe to burn red-hot in order to make Dean drop it.
* Weather Manipulation - Death is able to create cataclysmic events so harsh that he can wipe the Earth clean of any and all life, like he did during Noah's flood. He was going to wipe out an entire state with massive weather anomalies on Lucifer's orders, but later decided not to do it.[6]
Despite rivaling God's power, even Death has a few weaknesses and can even be killed, though only by one method: his own Scythe.
* [[Spells #Death_2|Binding spell]] - Death can be effectively bound. God kept him imprisoned beneath the Earth for thousands of years for unknown reasons. Dean and Sam were able to use a spell given to them by [[Crowley]] to bind him in an attempt to get him to kill [[Godstiel|Castiel]], who had dubbed himself the new God.
* [[Death's Scythe]] - Death can be killed by his own scythe.
==Death's Accessories==
===[[Four_Horsemen_of_the_Apocalypse#The_Rings|Death's Ring]]===
Death wears a ring with a white stone. Combined with the rings of the other Horsemen, it can open Lucifer's Cage. He willingly gives it to Dean to allow the Winchesters to trap Lucifer.<ref name="five21" />
Unlike the other Horsemen, the loss of his ring does not seem to lessen Death's power. However, his ring when worn by a human being grants the wearer the power of killing human beings with a touch. While wearing the ring, Dean ended the lives of the dying so that a reaper could escort their souls to [[Heaven]] or [[Hell]].<ref name="six11" />
===[[Death's Scythe]]===
Death owns a scythe purportedly capable of reaping any being, including [[angels]], [[demons]] and [[reaper]]s.<ref name="four15">[[4.15 Death Takes a Holiday]]</ref><ref name="five21" /> It is the only known weapon capable of killing Death himself.
===[[Four_Horsemen_of_the_Apocalypse#The_Briefcases|Death's Briefcase]]===
After successfully retrieving Sam's [[soul]] from [[Lucifer's Cage]], Death secures it within an old-fashioned black leather doctor's bag. Once on Earth, he removes the soul from the bag and places it back into Sam.<ref name="six11" />
===Death's Cane===
Death owns a thin wooden cane with a gold top which he sometimes uses in his right hand while traveling, though he doesn't need it.<ref name="five21" /><ref name="six11" />
===[[11.02 Form and Void]]===
The [[reaper]] [[Billie]] mentions to [[Sam]] that Death found his and [[Dean]]'s constant resurrections humorous, but with his demise there is now only one rule in the universe -- "What lives, dies." And that for their part in his death, whichever reaper comes to claim their [[soul]]s when they die, Sam and Dean won't be going to [[Heaven]] or [[Hell]], but be thrown into [[the Empty]], where they can never return from.
===[[13.05 Advanced Thanatology]]===
After Dean has Sam temporarily induce death on him, his reaper Jessica realizes who he is and reports that Dean Winchester is in the Veil. When Sam's attempt to revive Dean fails, Dean is surprised by the sight of Billie, who reveals that after Castiel killed her, she became the new Death, explaining that when Death dies, the first reaper to be killed after him will take up his mantle. Telling Dean they need to talk, Billie teleports herself and Dean to a place she refers to as her "reading room." She tells Dean that she has heard that he and Sam have been jumping universes and questions him how that is possible. Dean tells her that as Death she should know, but Billie replies that this information eludes her, much to her annoyance. Realizing Dean has the upper hand, he strikes a deal: in exchange for the information, Billie must release the souls trapped in Meadows' home. Billie agrees to the terms and has Jessica usher the souls out of the Veil. Curious as to why he didn't ask her to revive him, Dean tells her he figured it was a moot point and was prepared to die. Billie tells him he has changed and no longer has the same bravado of a man that has died multiple times. Dean explains that after his recent failings, he is prepared to die if it is his time. Billie, however, shows Dean a shelf with notebooks dedicated to him, and the various ways that he may die based on his choices in life. she tells Dean that now is not his time, and that with her taking on the mantle of Death, she sees the big picture, and much to her chagrin, she finds that he and Sam are important and that they have work to do and that's all he needs to know. When Dean attempts to ask her about Mary, Billie sends him away, resurrecting him.
After sending Dean away, Billie begins reading from one of the many notebooks on Dean's shelf. Dean tells Sam about his encounter with Death. Sam is confused as Dean killed Death leading Dean to explain that Billie is now the replacement of the Death that Dean had killed.
==[[13.19 Funeralia]]==
==Death in Lore==
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