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13.05 Advanced Thanatology
===[[13.05 Advanced Thanatology]]===
After killing himself Dean has Sam temporarily induce death on him, his reaper Jessica realizes who he is and reports that Dean Winchester is in an effort the Veil. When Sam's attempt to learn from the ghosts trapped in the Meadows House where their bodies are hiddenrevive Dean fails, Dean is greeted surprised by [[the sight of Billie]], who reveals herself to be that after Castiel killed her, she became the new Death, explaining that when Death dies, the first reaper to be killed after him will take up his mantle. Telling Dean they need to talk, Billie teleports herself and Dean to a place she refers to as her "reading room." She tells Dean that one she has heard that he and Sam have been jumping universes and questions him how that is possible. Dean tells her that as Death she should know, but Billie replies that this information eludes her, much to her annoyance. Realizing Dean has the upper hand, he strikes a deal: in exchange for the information, Billie must release the souls trapped in Meadows' home. Billie agrees to the terms and has Jessica usher the souls out of the laws Veil. Curious as to why he didn't ask her to revive him, Dean tells her he figured it was a moot point and was prepared to die. Billie tells him he has changed and no longer has the same bravado of reality a man that has died multiple times. Dean explains that after his recent failings, he is prepared to die if it is his time. Billie, however, shows Dean a shelf with notebooks dedicated to him, and the various ways that he may die based on his choices in life. she tells Dean that now is not his time, and that when one incarnation with her taking on the mantle of Death dies, she sees the next [[reaper]] big picture, and much to her chagrin, she finds that he and Sam are important and that they have work to do and that's all he needs to know. When Dean attempts to die will take his placeask her about Mary, Billie sends him away, resurrecting him.
After being resurrected by sending Dean away, Billie, begins reading from one of the many notebooks on Dean's shelf. Dean tells Sam about his encounter with Death. Sam is confused as Dean killed Death leading Dean to explain that Billie is now the replacement of the Death that Dean had killed.
==Death in Lore==

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