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Winchester (family)

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* [[Emma]] (deceased) - Daughter of Dean and the [[Amazon]] [[Lydia]].
* [[Henry Winchester]] (deceased) - Grandfather of Sam and Dean, and father of [[John Winchester]] who disappeared in 1958 only to arrive in 2013 and die at the hands of [[Abaddon]]. After Henry's disappearance in 1958, John may have been raised by a step-father, or grandfather/uncle, as his 'old man' in 1973.<ref>[[4.03 In The Beginning]] </ref>
* [[Millie Winchester ]] (deceased) - Wife of Henry Winchester and mother of John Winchester.
On ''[[Supernatural]]'' it is clear that "family don't end with blood" as [[Bobby]] once said.<ref>[[3.16 No Rest for the Wicked]]</ref>

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