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13.12 Various & Sundry Villains (transcript)

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|Episode=[[13.12 Various & Sundry Villains]]
|Writer= [[Davy PerezSteve Yockey]]|Director=[[Amyn KaderaliAmanda Tapping]]
|AirDate= February 1, 2018
JENNIE: Excuse me.<br>
JAMIE: [quietly] Aegrota amore.<br>
[Smooth Jazz jazz music begins to play in the background. The man turns with a smile spreading across his face and we see a reflection of pink/purple light in his eyes. Jamie approaches seductively]<br>
JAMIE: Oh my God! Hi! I was totally hoping we could talk.<br>
DALE: You and to talk to me?<br>
JAMIE: Nah, my sister and I are on our way to this little town called Lebanon. Heard of it?<br>
DALE: I can’t say that I have. [begins to chuckle] You are so beautiful.<br>
JAMIE: Oh. Thank you. Anyway, we’re out of gas and we’re out of money. Tragic , right?<br>
DALE: That is terrible. [concerned] Well, what can I do for ya? I’ll do anything.<br>
JAMIE: I knew you were our hero. The easiest thing would be to take all the money from the register, grab a couple bottle bottles of good vodka, and bring it outside.<br>
DALE: What about Marty? <br>
JAMIE: What about him?<br>
JAMIE: Oh, I love you too. Uh, what was your name again?<br>
DALE: Dale.<br>
JAMIE: Right. Yes. But don’t worry , Dale. Our mom taught us three really important steps to looking out for ourselves.<br>
JENNIE: Always look your best, never get attached to a man.<br>
JAMIE: And always make the death look non-magical. So you don’t attract hunters.<br>
[We see the bloody hammer head being drug away on the asphalt]<br>
Title Sequence Season 13<br>
<br>Act I: Interior MOL MoL bunker<br>
DEAN: Alright! We’ve got “Principia Phantasmagoria.” [throws each large book onto a pile of books in front of Sam] We have “Archive of the Unnatural Occurrences.” And we’ve got “Jower et Nuet.” Kind of a weird name.<br>
SAM: “Jour et Nuit.” It’s, uh, it’s French. It means “The Book of Day and Night.”<br>
SAM: I’m sure he is doing the best he can. Just go get beer or… [waves Dean away]<br>
[Dean taps the pile of books as he leaves as if to remind Sam to get busy as well] <br>
[We return to Castiel in the cell waiting/contemplating. A demon walks by to check the prisoners. We see Lucifer unsuccessfully trying to reach a stick in his cell with his powers]<br>
Demon: [mockingly] Huh, I always thought you’d have a bigger stick.<br>
Demon: Smooth. [smugly] We gave the warding a little kick. Just for you.<br>
[Demon exits prison area]<br>
LUCIFER: Thanks. So considerate. Appreciate that a lot. [Yelling yelling at departing demon] You’re not nice, and I don’t like you. You’re treating me like an every day everyday angel! And if I had just a little more power, I could tear this place apart! Just sayin’.<br>
[Lucifer tests the bars again and receives another powerful shock]<br>
CASTIEL: You don’t have that power, and they know it.<br>
LUCIFER: [pacing his cell] Yeah, yeah, that – that whole shape-shifty thing he does? I – I didn’t give him that. But so what? The old dog’s learned some new tricks. Eventually he is going to mess up. Then he’s mine. Okay?<br>
CASTIEL: Excuses aside, you’re saying you’re too weak to overcome even your weakest creation.<br>
LUCIFER: [Dismissivelydismissively] Shut up.<br>
[We see Cas’s face break into a triumphant smile]<br>
JENNIE: Somebody help! Please, there’s something wrong with my sister!<br>
[Dean places beer on Baby’s hood and runs over to the two young blond girls to help]<br>
JENNIE: [Franticallyfrantically] Please, please. Please!<br>
DEAN: Okay. Watch out, watch out, watch out. What happened?<br>
[Dean kneels over the girl, laying on the ground]<br>
JENNIE:I don’t know. Please. She just – she just collapsed. I – We were walking and… [quietly] Aegrota amore.<br>[Jennie slips a hex bag into Deans Dean’s coat pocket. Smooth, romantic jazz begins to play again and we hear tinkling in the background. As Dean looks up we see the flash of pink/purple light in his eyes]<br>
JENNIE: Doesn’t a kiss, like, usually wake up your true love?<br>
[Dean blinks as if to clear his head. He looks down and slowly moves to place a gentle kiss on Jamie’s lips. Jamie gasps and slowly opens her eyes]<br>
JAMIE: Thank you. [ Dean helps her sit up] You saved me. Are you Dean Winchester?<br>
DEAN: I – I…Yeah. How are you feeling? <br>
JAMIE: How are you feeling?<br>
DEAN: Okay. All right. That’s fine. You know why? I’ll walk ‘cause it is… [singingly] gorgeous outside.<br>
SAM: Wait a second. Dean, listen, honestly – <br>
[Sam grabs Deans Dean’s shoulder. Dean turns quickly and punches Sam, knocking him out cold]<br>
DEAN: Oooh. Right on the button. Listen, when I get back from my date, I’m going to help you ice that, okay? [heads up spiral staircase] All right, thanks. Good talk, pal! Good talk!<br>
[The two girls are waiting outside the market]<br>
JAMIE: You gonna make that call after we get the book?<br>
SAM: Where is it? Huh?<br>
[We hear the girls’ car start while Sam continues to wrestle Dean in search of the hex bag. Sam finally finds it and pulls it out of Dean’s pocket. The boys continue to wrestle on the ground]<br>
SAM: Look, Dean! I got it! Hex bag! Wait, Dean - [Dean slaps the hex bag out of Sam’s hand] Aah! No!<br>
DEAN: I’m sorry Sam. I just – I love her so much.<br>
[The boys are zapped with a purple bolt of lightning and break apart, gasping and confused. We hear the clacking of high heels on the pavement. The hex bag bursts into flames. The boys look up to see Rowena]<br>
ACT II: <br>
[Inside the prison cells in Hell. We see Lucifer focusing on moving the stick in his cell]<br>
LUCIFER: Rise. Rise. Rise. Rise.<br>
[Foots steps approach and the demon Dipper walks by. Lucifer pauses briefly to hide his actions and gives a cursory nod to the demon. The demon stops in front of Castiel’s cell]<br>
Demon: Don’t think we forgot about you. When the boss gets back, big plans for you. <br>
CASTIEL: And he’s thoughtful. He’s emotional. Remarkably intuitive. You – you know, he, uh, he resurrected me just out of instinct. Isn’t that a beautiful gesture?<br>
LUCIFER: [pacing angrily in his cell] Yeah, that’s, uh, that’s beautiful.<br>
CASTIEL: Jack would rather kill you than hug you. Seems relevant. Did you know he doesn’t- he doesn’t even really look like you? And he reminds me so much of his mother. <br>
LUCIFER: [whispers] Wow.<br>
[Lucifer exhales sharply and swings his arm, causing the stick to fly across the cell, hit the wall and fall to the floor. Lucifer smiles smugly]<br>
[Interior MOL MoL bunker, library. We see Rowena pouring three whiskeys, neat]<br>
ROWENA: Ask me.<br>
DEAN: How are you alive?<br>
DEAN: You’re familiar with our work, right?<br>
ROWENA: Ah. Oh, you Winchesters. I’ve changed. [Dean and Sam looks at her skeptically] Honestly. Having your skull crushed and being burned alive can do that to a girl. And It’s my tracking spell, so if you want to find those girls… [teasingly] Well, lover?<br>
DEAN: [Having having enough of her] Okay.<br>
ROWENA: You’ll need me. Sláinte. [drinks whiskey] Oh. One more thing. Where’s my son?<br>
[Sam and Dean look at each other uncomfortably]<br>
JAMIE: Wow. Thanks for the reminder of how shopping works. <br>
Cashier: Well, because last time you just…<br>
JENNIE: [interrupting] Oh, my God. Shut Up up, Brenda. [the The girls walk past the cashier]<br>
JAMIE: Like, please, shut up.<br>
JENNIE: She is so rude. [continues shopping] Huh.<br>
JAMIE: Okay. [looking around the two spot a young stock boy]<br>
[Interior MOL MoL library]<br>
ROWENA: Fergus is dead?<br>
SAM: Yep.<br>
DEAN: Yeah, the Devil’s gone.<br>
ROWENA: Oh, don’t be stupid. He’s never gone!<br>
SAM: Okay, listen, I know what Lucifer is cap – cap– <br>
ROWENA: [interrupting] Oh, can we not? It’s like reminiscing about an abusive relationship. Why do that?<br>
DEAN: Let’s get back to the book. What kind of hurt can these chicks do with it?<br>
SAM: Not happening.<br>
[We see the girls with the Grimoire open, candles lit around a table and a woman with severe wounds on her face laying lying on it]<br>
JENNIE: Maybe we were too optimistic.<br>
JAMIE: Don’t bail out now, Jennie.<br>
ROWENA: How depressingly Midwestern.<br>
DEAN: [shutting off Baby’s engine] All right, Red. Where to?<br>
ROWENA: The tracking spell isn’t like GPS. The book is not moving and it’s in this general area. [with a bit of distaste] We’ll need or to speak to the yokels.<br>
DEAN: Okay, well, small-town folks usually like to look out for themselves.<br>
ROWENA: I can make them talk.<br>
LUCIFER: [swinging the cell door open] Whoops. [Demon turns to run only to face Castiel outside his cell]<br>
CASTIEL: Someone got mad and broke his warding. [Castiel smites the demon]<br>
[Lucifer and Castile Castiel make for the exit armed with an angel blade. Two demons show up behind them, quickly joined by two more]<br>
LUCIFER: [raising the angel blade] Good times.<br>
SAM: [turning to face Rowena in the back seat] Rowena, even if you pull off whatever plan you’re trying to pull off, and even if you manage to get the book back – <br>
ROWENA: [interrupting] I’ve been on my best behavior.<br>
SAM: [nods in acknowledgement] Okay, sure. Let’s say you get the book. It’s not going to change anything. You’re still going to feel helpless. What Lucifer did to you – you– <br>ROWENA: [interrupting] Told you, I don’t… [puts on a brave, solemn face] Before he crushed my skull, Lucifer showed me his face. His true face. [brave façade cracks] I’m scared , Sam. All the time.<br>
SAM: I’ve seen it too. What he really looks like behind – behind whatever vessel. It… Yeah, still keeps me up at night.<br>
ROWENA: How do you deal with it?<br>
SAM: Uh, she just needs a minute. She’s all right.<br>
DEAN: All right, well, I got the address. Rowena was right. These girls are not fan favorites. <br>
ROWENA: [Joining joining the brothers] Right. Time to get that book.<br>
DEAN: Oh, no, no. You’ve done your bit, okay? We’ll take it from here.<br>
ROWENA: I was afraid you might say that. [walking away , she drops a hex bag in front of the boys who start] Manete! [freezing the boys in place]<br>
SAM: Rowena! Rowena, stop!<br>
DEAN: Rowena, damn it!<br>
ROWENA: You were supposed to get the book and wait for me.<br>
JAMIE: I…Uh…<br>
JENNIE: Okay, like, the Winchesters were all over us and – and– <br>
JAMIE: And we didn’t want to call you. Because we can take care of ourselves.<br>
ROWENA: I told you about the book, where to look for the boys. We had a deal. Now I’ve had to use them to find you.<br>
ROWENA: When you nincompoops ran, I did what I had to do. But I can still cast the spell. We can still complete our deal.<br>
JENNIE: You’d still help us?<br>
ROWENA: As long as you give me the book when we’re done. You don’t need it anyway. Witches of your level would – would– <br>
JENNIE: [interrupting} “Witches of our level”? <br>
ROWENA: Yes<br>
JENNIE: It’s like, step one of bringing her back.<br>
JAMIE: We’ll figure out the rest after she kills you.<br>
ROWENA: Unfortunate, but not my first zombie, luv. [Swinging swinging her arm at the figure] Abi!<br>
JAMIE: Oh, side effect of the spell, she’s, like, magic-proof. <br>
ROWENA: [Zombie comes after Rowena growling and hissing] Ooh!<br>
JENNIE: And she’s totally gonna eat your brain. <br>
[Rowena runs into another room slamming the door behind her. The zombie continues to growl and his hiss as she proceeds to violently bang on the door]<br>
[Exterior parking lot. Daylight]<br>
DEAN: [irritated] Needed a minute, huh?<br>
SAM: [Trying trying to reach for the hex bag] You don’t have to say it, Dean.<br>
DEAN: Oh, I’m gonna say it. She played you.<br>
SAM: [defensively] She played us. And she’s scared.<br>
[The boys move to get into Baby]<br>
[Exterior asylum/Hell’s prison. Daylight. We see both Castiel and Lucifer armed with bloody Angel Bladesangel blades]<br>
CASTIEL: There’ll be more of them coming.<br>
LUCIFER: You know, this would be so much easier if I were stronger. Hint, hint, hint. [Castiel turns to face Lucifer incredulously] Come on Castiel. We just fought side by side, mano e mano. You gotta trust me now, man. Come on.<br>
CASTIEL: Oh, I trusted you when we fought the Darkness, and then you betrayed us. And I trusted you –you–<br>
LUCIFER: Ah!<br>
[Lucifer unexpectedly swings his Angel Blade angel blade at Cas , who jumps back out of the way but is nicked on the ribs by the blade. We see Lucifer with his red eyes face off against Castiel]<br>
CASTIEL: Fool me once…<br>
LUCIFER: [eyes fading back to normal] I promise to leave you a little. Come on.<br>
ACT IV:<br>
[Interior Plum home. Rowena is trapped in a room by the magic-proof zombie the young witches created]<br>
ROWENA: [to herself] It’s just a magical zombie. You’ve dealt with worse than magical zombies before, Rowena. Oh! [we see the zombie’s arm smashing through the door][To the girls in the other room] Clearly you wanted your mom back in better shape! I can still do that. [Rowena rummages through the kitchen drawers looking for anything to help her]<br>
JAMIE: Nah, you missed your chance to play nice.<br>
JENNIE: And you’re kind of all bark, no bite, so she’s gonna bite you.<br>
[Sam and Dean are flung in opposite directions across the room, crashing into the furniture with grunts of pain. Jamie picks up a knife from the table and starts attacking Dean. Jennie is attacking Sam with a hammer. Both girls are giving the boys a good fight]<br>
DEAN: Sammy! They’re really weirdly strong.<br>
SAM: I think it’s probably a spell.<br>
JENNIE: [laughing] You think?<br>
[Jennie flings Sam across the room and he crashes into a coffee table. Jennie is moving in to attack but Dean has gotten the upper hand on Jamie and has her pinned against a wall]<br>
DEAN: Try shooting her in the head!<br>
JAMIE: No!<br>
[Sam continues to fight with Jennie and Rowena falls into the entryway with the zombie on top of her. Rowena spots Deans Dean’s gun and struggles to reach it. The girls still have the upper hand on Sam and Dean and have them pinned to a large table. Rowena manages to reach the gun and fires it into the zombie’s head]<br>JENNIE:Mom! [the zombie falls to the floor with a thud]<br>
ROWENA: [surveying the situation] Impetus Bestiarum!<br>
[The girls immediately stop their attacks on Sam and Dean and the boys race out of harms harm’s way. The girls’ eyes turn red and we see Jamie with blood coming from her eyes as she is looking at Dean]<br>
DEAN: Rowena.<br>
ROWENA: [spitefully] End it. <br>
[Sam, with a look of understanding, still takes the Grimoire from Rowena and she leaves]<br>
[Interior MOL MoL kitchen. Later that day. We see Sam opening two beers while Dean sits at the table in the background icing his injured knee. The Black Grimoire is on the table]<br>
DEAN: Can’t believe I fell for a love spell. And I got clocked by a witch with a hammer.<br>
SAM: And zombie mom. Those are the details that sell the story. [Sam hands Dean a beer]<br>

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