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13.06 Tombstone (transcript)

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|Episode= [[13.05 Advanced Thanatology06 Tombstone]]
|Writer= [[Davy Perez]]
|Director=[[Nina Lopez-Corrado]]
SAM: Jack is not evil. He's just a kid.<br>
[scene from 13.03, in the bunker library]<br>
SAM:We need to help Jack learn how to control his powers.<br>
[scene from 13.02, Jack’s powers accidentally fling the tattoo artist into the wall and shorts out his tattoo machine]<br>
JACK: So I don't hurt anyone anymore.<br>
[Dean heads off in one direction, and gives Sarge a hand signal to head the other around a crypt. They meet up at the opposite side of the building.]<br>
DEAN: All right, you wait here. I'm-a flush him out.<br>
[Sarge covers Dean while he heads out into the graveyard. As soon as Dean’s Dean's back is turned, a hand reaches up through the ground below Sarge, grabs his ankle, and pulls him underground.]<br>
SARGE: Aah!<br>
[Dean turns around to see a hole in the ground and Sarge’s Sarge's hat, rifle, and flashlight lying on the ground, and runs back to investigate. He looks down into the tunnel.]<br>
DEAN: Sarge? Aw, hell.<br>
[exterior, the alleyway from the end of 13.05, Sam and Dean beside the Impala, and Cas waiting for them by the phone booth]<br>
DEAN: Cas, is that really you?<br>
SAM: No. You're -- you're dead.<br>
CASTIEL: Yeah, I was. But then I… annoyed an ancient cosmic being so much that he sent me back.<br>
SAM: I don't even know what to say.<br>
CASTIEL: It's like...nothing. I was sleeping, and then I heard a voice that said my name, and I woke up. I thought you… had done something.<br>
DEAN: No, we… we didn't even think we could bring you back.<br>
SAM: So who was it? Chuck -- uh, God?<br>
CASTIEL: No. No, he has no power in the Empty.<br>
DEAN: Well, then, who does?<br>
DEAN: Well, here he is.<br>
JACK: Because of me?<br>
SAM: We don't know. We don't know, Jack. But we-- we-- we– we– we think maybe.<br>
CASTIEL: Thank you, Jack.<br>
[Jack walks over to Cas and hugs him, while Dean stands at the opposite end of the table looking on.]<br>
SAM: Wow.<br>
JACK: I can move the pencil. And… I found a case. Hunter's case.<br>
DEAN: What kind of a--a–<br>
JACK: Zombies. [He whispers confidentially to Cas] I know what zombies are now. [He pulls the came info up on the computer] You see?<br>
DEAN: Wait. Where'd you learn to do that?<br>
JACK: By watching you. And Sam. Three days ago, a vintage pocket watch with a personal inscription was sold at a pawn shop. But when they went to authenticate it, they found out that it'd been buried with its owner… 20 years ago. And when they checked out the grave, it was empty. Which means… the dead are rising in Dodge City, Kansas.<br>
♪ [cowboy Cowboy music plays as a dreamy expression crosses Dean’s Dean's face. Cas glances up as if he heard the music as well, and Dean looks down to hide his smile… Jack glances between the two of them, confused.]<br>
SAM: Right. O-or maybe it's a-a grave robbery, but… <br>
JACK: Oh.<br>
DEAN: Yeah, but we should probably check it out.<br>
CASTIEL:Wait. Really?<br>
DEAN: Yeah, we've done more on less. Besides Dodge City's kind of, uh, kind of awesome. All right, well… two salty hunters, one half-angel kid, and a dude who just came back from the dead. Again. Team Free Will 2.0. Here we go.<br>
[Dean laughs as he looks around at all the cowboy decor, horse paintings, horns, antlers, animal heads, and photos of famous old west figures]<br>
SAM: Wow.<br>
[Sam, Cas, and Jack are more bewildered than impressed, but Dean’s Dean's having the time of his life]<br>DEAN: Pretty cool, right? Dude! Check it out, check it out, check it out. Clay Allison-- gun fighter extraordinaire, right? And, uh, Curly Bill Brocius, which-- now, now, now, little fun fact here-- was killed by Wyatt Earp himself. Not kidding. Johnny Ringo, Billy the Kid. Oh, look!<br>JACK: [in an aside to Castiel] : He really likes cowboys.<br>DEAN: [he boops a stuffed buffalo head on the nose] Hey, big guy. How you doin'? That's… What's going on, Calamity Jane?<br>CASTIEL: [to Jack] : Yes. Yes, he does.<br>
DEAN: Doc Holliday! Hey-oh! This is awesome. All right, I say quick shower, steak dinner, and then tomorrow, we hit up the cemetery.<br>
SAM: Sounds like a plan.<br>
SAM: You're in a good mood, huh?<br>
DEAN: Yeah. And?<br>
SAM:Nothing. No, no, I-I-I just, uh… you've been having a rough go, so it's… it's good to see you smile.<br>
DEAN: Well, I said I needed a big win. We got Cas back. That's a pretty damn big win.<br>
SAM: Yeah. Fair enough.<br>
[Night, a police car has pulled over behind another apparently abandoned vehicle on a foggy roadside. The cop calls in to dispatch over a staticky radio]<br>
CARL: Run that plate, would you, Sophie?<br>
SOPHIE: [on the radio] : Copy, Carl. Will do.<br>
CARL: Let's see who this pile of junk belongs to.<br>
[Carl sees the passenger door of the apparently abandoned truck open, and gets out of his car to investigate. He approaches the truck cautiously, shining his light into the empty cab, when he hears the radio from inside his car]<br>
SOPHIE: Carl, we got a match on that plate. Looks like the truck was stolen.<br>
[He hears a rustling noise across the street and turns to investigate, but while his back’s back's turned the truck’s truck's door slams shut. When he turns back to the truck, he hears the noise behind him again, and turns again, and is grabbed by the ankles and dragged under the truck.]<br>
CARL: Aah!<br>
SOPHIE: Carl? Carl? Is everything all right? Carl, do you copy?<br>
[Sam and Dean are asleep in their motel beds, while Cas and Jack sit at the table talking quietly while Jack researches on his laptop]<br>
JACK: And then there were these angels and they tried to kill me, but… I thought angels were good?<br>
CASTIEL: Well, in Heaven, “good"good's” s" a relative term.<br>
JACK: What's it like? Heaven?<br>
CASTIEL: Well, that depends.<br>
CASTIEL: Yeah, I know she is. Kelly was… She was a very brave woman.<br>
JACK: She left me a message. She said I had an angel watching over me.<br>
CASTIEL: [ Sighs sighs] : Jack, I'm so sorry. I-I should've been here for you.<br>
JACK: No. It's okay. It's just… I understand why she trusted you. Why I trusted you.<br>
CASTIEL: You remember that?<br>
JACK: I remember feeling… safe.<br>
CASTIEL: Jack, your mother, she believed that you would do amazing things. She said that you would change the world for the better. And now, looking at you, talking to you, I know that she was right, that we were right. Kelly would be so proud of you.<br>
[The laptop beeps, drawing Jack’s Jack's attention. He types something in and it beeps again, turning the laptop to show Cas what he’s he's found]<br>
JACK: Oh, wow. I'll go tell them.<br>
CASTIEL: Jack. Jack!<br>
[Jack jumps up and rushes to wake up Dean, while Cas attempts to stop him. Jack taps Dean’s Dean's shoulder anyway, as Cas rushes into the room]<br>
JACK: Dean? Dean?<br>
CASTIEL: Jack, I wouldn't do that!<br>
[Some time later, after sunrise, Dean pours coffee into a mug in the motel room and shuffles over to slump down on the sofa and slurp his coffee as he wakes up]<br>
CASTIEL: I told you. He's an angry sleeper. Like a bear.<br>
SAM: Okay, so “code three” "code three" means an officer down. Looks like the victim was--was–<br>
JACK: Covered in bite marks. Like from a zombie.<br>
DEAN: Or anything else that has teeth.<br>
DEAN: Ahh.<br>
[Dean and Cas drive up to the crime scene along the highway where Carl was killed and park a short distance away. They remain in the car, Cas wearing a cowboy hat with a hat band advertising their motel, and discuss their strategy.]<br>
DEAN: All right, listen, these Dodge City cops aren't likely to trust big city folks, so we're gonna have to blend.<br>
CASTIEL: Which is why you're making me wear this absurd hat.<br>
DEAN: It's not that bad. Well, actually, yeah, it kind of is. Hang on. [Dean reaches over and removes the hat band and tosses it in the back seat] All right. That's better.<br>
CASTIEL: Is it?<br>
DEAN: [ Sighs sighs] Yeah. Look, just act like you're from “Tombstone''Tombstone'',okay?<br>
CASTIEL: The city?<br>
DEAN: The movie. With Kurt Russell? I made you watch it.<br>
CASTIEL: Yeah, yeah. Yeah. The one with the guns and tuberculosis. [in a deep cowboy voice] “I"I'm your Huckleberry."<br>
DEAN: Yeah, exactly. Well, it's good to have you back, Cas. All right, follow my lead. We'll fit right in.<br>
[As they exit the car, Dean puts on his own cowboy hat, and we see his cowboy boots. They walk in slow motion together toward the crime scene as Steve Miller's “Space Cowboy” "Space Cowboy" plays]<br>
♪ I told you 'bout living in the U.S. of A. ♪
♪ Don't you know that I'm a gangster of love? ♪
♪ I'm a space cowboy ♪
♪ Bet you weren't ready for that ♪<br>
[they They pass someone investigating the crime scene]<br>
CASTIEL: Howdy, pardner.<br>
DEAN: Who's in charge here?<br>
[the The officer points out the person in charge]<br>
CASTIEL: Much obliged.<br>
♪ I'm sure you know where it's at ♪
[Sarge clears his throat, looking down at the ground]<br>
SARGE: Anyway, what the hell's the Texas Rangers even doing up here?<br>
CASTIEL: Well, actually, we're FB--FB–<br>
DEAN: Rangers. That's right. Texas Rangers.<br>
SARGE: Mm-hmm.<br>
DEAN: Mm.<br>
[At the funeral home adjacent to the cemetery where the grave robberies occurred, Messer Chups' “They "They Call Me Zombie” Zombie" playing while a mortician wearing pink headphones prepares a body for burial with bubblegum pink embalming fluid]<br>
♪ They call me zombie, I don't know why ♪
♪ They call me zombie ♪<br>
[Sam and Jack enter the room, but the woman can’t can't hear them speaking over the music and her back is to them as she works. After several attempts to get her attention, she finally turns and is startled to see them standing there.]<br>
♪ They call me zombie, I don't know why ♪<br>
ATHENA: Dude! What the hell?<br>
SAM: Sorry. Sorry, I-I didn't mean to scare-- scare– Um, there was no one upstairs.<br>
ATHENA: Yeah, it's just me.<br>
SAM: And you are… <br>
ATHENA: Athena Lopez, undertaker. And you are?<br>
SAM: Agent Elliot. [Sam points to Jack, but Jack’s Jack's wandered off looking around the room] That's Agent Paxton. FBI.<br>ATHENA: He’s He's an FBI agent? [Scoffs] Did his parents sign a permission slip?<br>
SAM: He's a trainee. Top of his class. Anyway, we're here about the grave robbery. Uh, you live on the premises, right?<br>
ATHENA: All my life.<br>
SAM: Amanda Palmer?<br>
JACK: What about anything weird? Cold spots? Strange smells?<br>
[Sam clears his throat pointedly in Jack’s Jack's direction, since he’s he's not asking the right questions.]<br>
ATHENA: I just said, I wasn't here.<br>
[Sam laughs and tries to cover up for Jack]<br>
JACK: But if it could be anyone, how do we find it?<br>
[Athena is listening to her headphones as she walks around the mortuary. Thaddeus Rose & The Thorns' “Hot "Hot Rod Rockin'" playing as a shadowy figure follows behind her]<br>
♪ I'm gonna rock… ♪<br>
[Back in the motel room , Dean opens a beer and tosses the bottle cap.]<br>
DEAN: Can I just say I'm getting real sick and tired of fighting things that look like other things?<br>
CASTIEL: Maybe the ghoul is this Athena.<br>
SAM: Right.<br>
[Athena prepares another body, still listening to her headphones, as the shadowy figure looms behind her.]<br>
[Jack finds something on his computer and shows the others]<br>
JACK: I think I found something. I tracked the plates on the stolen truck from the crime scene, and I went through the city's traffic camera footage, and look. This is it. From yesterday, before the deputy was killed.<br>
DEAN: Well, then, who's drivin'?<br>
[Dean kneels down and zooms in on the traffic camera footage to see the driver.]<br>
DEAN: Holy crap. That's Dave Mather.<br>
[At the mortuary, the shadowy figure approaches Athena and slaps her rear as she’s she's bent over the body she’s she's working on. It’s It's Dave Mather, from the traffic camera image, wearing a black cowboy hat, and the scene continues to switch back and forth between TFW 2.0 in the motel and Dave and Athena at the mortuary.]<br>
SAM and CASTIEL: Who?<br>
[Dave pulls Athena into a kiss, and she smiles]<br>
[Dean pulls Dave Mather’s Mather's photo down off the wall as the cowboy music starts up again.]<br>
DEAN: He was one of the greatest gunfighters ever. I mean, he died in 1886, which makes this a little weird, but… [Laughs] Mysterious Dave Mather. I'm gonna get my boots on. One of the best gunslingers ever! Whoo!<br>
DAVE: You got a letter, and it's from that makeup school. Thought you said you weren't gonna apply.<br>
ATHENA: Changed my mind. And it's not “that "that makeup school." It's the Ben Carruth Makeup and Special Effects Program. It's the best.<br>
DAVE: The Carruth Program. Got it.<br>
ATHENA: [reading the letter aloud] “Dear "Dear Ms. Lopez, after reviewing your portfolio, we've decided to accept you into our fall semester." Babe, I got in.<br>
DAVE: Cool.<br>
ATHENA: Don't get too excited.<br>
DEAN: Well, we keep it simple, tell her the guy she's banging eats dead people, and we're here to kill him. Or we could lie.<br>
SAM: Yeah, we definitely lie.<br>
[they They descend to the mortuary and find Athena]<br>
DEAN: Athena?<br>
ATHENA: What the hell are you doing in my house? Again.<br>
SAM: Look, I-I'm a...<br>
ATHENA: I know who you are. Answer the question.<br>
SAM: Okay, my-- my– my associate and I, we're-- re– we're looking for your boyfriend.<br>
ATHENA: Why? Is this about the grave robbery?<br>
DEAN: And a murder.<br>
GUARD: Have a good night, ma'am. [He walks to the teller] Hey, Shawnte. Locking up.<br>
SHAWNTE: Okay, sounds good.<br>
[Dave enters the bank wearing a bandana as a mask and brandishing a gun in the guard’s guard's face]<br>
DAVE: Howdy, pardner.<br>
DEAN: And you must like to play cowboy.<br>
DAVE: It's my favorite suit. You know, I like to keep a little piece of old Dave on me just to gnaw on.<br>
[Off to Dave’s Dave's side, Sam cocks his gun and draws Dave’s Dave's attention to him, Cas, and Jack. Dave laughs.]<br>DAVE: Let's make it two, three, four Hunters! Whoo! [ Sniffs ] Must be my birthday.<br>
SAM: Look, why don't you come with us someplace else? We can do this quick and quiet.<br>
[Dave responds by drawing his gun, so Sam fires at him and misses. Dave fires back, and a gunfight breaks out as everyone ducks for cover behind cars, and Cas and Jack duck behind a stagecoach]<br>
JACK: No, it's okay. I've got this.<br>
CASTIEL: No, Jack. Jack!<br>
[Jack walks out to confront Dave, and Cas follows after him. Meanwhile, while meanwhile the guard inside the bank tries to help.]<br>
GUARD: Stay here.<br>
CASTIEL: Jack! Jack!<br>
[The security guard reaches Dave just as Jack throws a blast of power at Dave, sending them both flying backward. The guard crashes into a post, but Dave rolls and gets up to run away.]<br>
JACK: No.<br>
DEAN: [to Sam, as he runs off to chase Dave] : Check the guard.<br>
JACK: No!<br>
SAM: No. No, no, no, no.<br>
[Sam, Jack, and Cas run to help the guard while Dean chases after Dave on foot until he loses sight of him. Meanwhile the guard lays in a spreading blood pool.]<br>
JACK: Cas, I-I didn't mean to. Castiel, you have to heal him.<br>
[Castiel attempts to heal the guard, but isn’t isn't able to]<br>
CASTIEL: I can't.<br>
JACK: Why-- Why– why not?<br>
SAM: He's dead.<br>
SAM: What?<br>
DEAN: The cops are gonna be on their way. We gotta get him out of town.<br>
CASTIEL: Okay, but what-- what– what about the ghoul? I can stay here.<br>
DEAN: No, I'll handle it. Besides, you need to be with the kid in case he… you know.<br>
CASTIEL: [sighs heavily] Okay. All right.<br>
DAVE: No, look, I can pawn jewelry for stuff like concert tickets. But if we're skipping down, digging up a few bodies just ain't gonna cut it.<br>
ATHENA: You're the grave robber? But that would mean… That cop that got killed?<br>
DAVE: That-- That– that pissant Deputy Carl, he was tailing me. I had no choice. I had to do it. I had to do it.<br>
ATHENA: You killed someone.<br>
DAVE: Who had it coming. But it doesn't matter now anyways. Baby… [He’s He's slowly backing her across the room as she tries to put more distance between them] We need to leave. Now. Okay?<br>
ATHENA: Don't touch me.<br>
DAVE: Hey. I'm the one that's giving you everything that you ever wanted. So how 'bout you stop being a bitch, okay? Athena… [Dave grabs Athena and she gasps, afraid] You're with me, and I will always take care of you and I will always protect you. But we need to get the hell out of Dodge now.<br>
DEAN: Sarge? Aw, hell.<br>
[Dean kneels at the edge of the tunnel entrance, debating about how to crawl down]<br>
DEAN: Mnh-mnh! No, I don't wanna -- Okay.<br>
[He dives into the hole head first, flashlight in one hand and rifle in the other]<br>
DEAN: Ugh.<br>
[Rain falls and thunder rumbles as Sam drives Cas and Jack back to the bunker in the Impala]<br>
SAM: Jack, you, uh… you okay?<br>
CASTIEL: Jack, I've killed people who didn't deserve it… my friends-- friends– I've killed people I loved. I wish I could tell you that it-- it– that it gets easier, that with time, it hurts less, but that would be a lie because it-- it– it never gets easier. And those moments, they never stop hurting. But that doesn't mean that you should stop fighting. Doesn't mean that just because you made a mistake-- and that's what this is, Jack. It's a mistake. That doesn't mean that you can't-- t– can't be better, do better. I believe that. I have to believe that.<br>SAM: And we still believe in you, Jack. We, uh--uh–<br>
JACK: Stop. Just… Please stop.<br>
DEAN: Aah!<br>
[When he gets to his feet, he finds Athena tied to a chair]<br>
DEAN: [Whispers whispers as he moves over to untie Athena] Hey. Hey. Hey. You okay?<br>
ATHENA: No. What the hell is going on?<br>
DEAN: Okay, well, your boyfriend, uh, is not exactly human.<br>
DEAN: You got any idea where he is?<br>
SARGE: A little bit.<br>
[A gun cocks behind Dean’s Dean's head, and he turns to see Dave standing behind him]<br>
DAVE: Hands up. Oh, I think you heard me. Raise 'em! High! Attaboy.<br>
ATHENA: Dave? Don't.<br>
DAVE: It's okay. I'm doing this for us, baby.<br>
ATHENA: There is no “us"us."<br>
DEAN: Ooh. Ouch. Breakups can be a bitch.<br>
DAVE: Shut up.<br>
DAVE: Or I'm gonna put a bullet right between your eyes. I mean, what'd you think was gonna happen here? You come down with no gun. Like it matters anyway. You ain't fast enough.<br>
DEAN: No, but he is.<br>
[Dean takes one step to the side, revealing Sarge on the floor behind him, aiming Dean’s Dean's rifle at Dave. Sarge fires and kills Dave]<br>
DEAN: Happy trails, cowboy.<br>
DEAN: And the, uh, security guard at the bank, Dave killed him, too.<br>
[Dean arrives back in the bunker, where Jack’s Jack's sitting at the library table alone and contemplative. Sam sits at the war room table across from Cas.]<br>
SAM: Hey.<br>
DEAN: Hey.<br>
CASTIEL: No, Jack.<br>
JACK: I'm sorry.<br>
[Jack uses his power to knock Sam, Dean, and Cas backward across the war room. His eyes glow golden.]<br>
JACK: I'm so sorry.<br>
[Jack disappears with a woosh]<br>

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