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Wayward History
At the end of [[9.19 Alex Annie Alexis Ann]], [[Sheriff Jody Mills]] took [[Alex Jones]], a young woman who had been held captive by a nest of [[vampires]], home to live her. Later, in [[10.20 Angel Heart]], [[Claire Novak]] is reunited with her mother [[Amelia Novak]] only to then tragically lose her. Sam, Dean and [[Castiel]], also send her to Jody Mills while she heals. As she leaves she says "This is some sort of halfway house for wayward girls?", and the idea was born among the fandom to have [[Sheriff Donna Hanscum]] and Jody running a home for young women as a spin-off.
Two fans, Riley Keshner and Betty Days, set up a Twitter and Tumblr account to promote the idea with a letter writing campaign and petition. It captured the imagination of fans and actors including [[Kim Rhodes]] and [[Briana Buckmaster]]. PrecedentlyPresciently, [ one fan speculated] on "#Jody&DonnasHomeForWaywardGirls with @robertberens as head writer."
[ Riley Krushner said]:

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