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After the [[Mark of Cain]] causes him to get [[Rudy|another hunter]] killed, Dean summons Death in hopes Death can kill him. However, the Mark's power is such that even Death can't do that and he explains about [[the Darkness]] and the consequences of removing the Mark. He offers to send Dean somewhere far away where he is no threat, but demands Sam's life in exchange. While Dean initially agrees, he instead turns Death's [[Death's Scythe|own scythe]] on him, killing Death who crumbles to dust.
In 2017, its revealed that the [[Reaperreaper]] [[Billie]] has taken Death's place due to a rule stating that the next Reaper reaper to die after an incarnation of Death is killed becomes Death themselves.
Death travels in a [[Death's Cadillac|white 1959 Cadillac]] with a California license plate that reads BUH*BYE. His human appearance is that of a very slender, and almost skeleton-like, older man. While [[reaper]]s in ''Supernatural'' are portrayed as being part of the natural order, Death is initially seen as being catastrophic, but after the re-imprisonment of Lucifer, he returns to his position as the leader of the reapers as a force for balance. Death's knowledge and age are immeasurable, and his power is immense, exceeding that of almost any other entity encountered by Sam and Dean. Death has a fondness for junk food, including bacon dogs and pizza, soda and pickle chips.
===Powers and Abilitiesabilities===
Being the eldest and most powerful of the [[Four Horsemen]], and an ancient primordial being of similar age to [[God]], Death is unimaginably powerful and is in fact one of the most powerful beings in existence. [[Amara]] is the only being more powerful than him, with God being is only equal. To explain his power level to Dean, whom he compared to a snarky bacterium, he stated that a bacterium to a human is basically the same as a human to Death, stating the Galaxy is "barely out of its diapers" compared to him.
* Apporting - Death was able to summon his scythe to him".
Despite rivaling God's power, even Death has a few weaknesses and can even be killed, though only by one method: his own Scythe.
* [[Spells #Death_2|Binding Spellspell]] - Death can be effectively bound. God kept him imprisoned beneath the Earth for thousands of years for unknown reasons. Dean and Sam were able to use a spell given to them by [[Crowley]] to bind him in an attempt to get him to kill [[Castiel]], who had dubbed himself the new God.
* [[Death's Scythe]] - Death can be killed by his own scythe.

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