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The fact that he is walking around/teleporting and not a shriveled up husk like the other Horseman, does indicate that he is not affected by not wearing his ring.
===[[Four_Horsemen_of_the_Apocalypse#The_Rings|Death's Ring]]===
Death wears a ring with a white stone. Combined with the rings of the other Horsemen, it can open Lucifer's Cage. He willingly gives it to Dean to allow the Winchesters to trap Lucifer.<ref name="five21" />
Unlike the other Horsemen, the loss of his ring does not seem to lessen Death's power. However, his ring when worn by a human being grants the wearer the power of killing human beings with a touch. While wearing the ring, Dean ended the lives of the dying so that a reaper could escort their souls to [[Heaven]] or [[Hell]].<ref name="six11" />
===[[Death's Scythe]]===

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