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5.21 Two Minutes to Midnight
Death explains that [[Lucifer]], whom he describes as "a bratty child having a tantrum," has him bound by a spell and is using him in creating Apocalyptic chaos, and prevented him from going to Dean. Death offers his ring to Dean, on the condition that Dean must do everything in his power to assure that Lucifer is put back in his [[Lucifer's Cage|Cage]], even sacrificing [[Sam]]. Dean reluctantly agrees, and Death warns him to hold true to his word by saying he can't cheat Death. He then gives Dean instructions on how to operate the rings that combine to form a key that can allow him to open the Cage from anywhere on the planet.
[[File:Death&Tessa.jpg|350px|right|thumb|[[Death]] & [[Tessa]].]]
Later, Dean is seen following Death's instructions, using the Horsemen Rings to reconstruct the key to the Cage. Dean and [[Bobby]] discuss Sam's plan to re-imprison Lucifer and while Dean is skeptical, Bobby says that Death probably has a larger view of things than they do and they should have more faith in Sam. They all understand that he can defeat Lucifer, or die trying.

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