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1.15 The Benders

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'''Dean:''' Yeah, you’re right, we should ask around more tomorrow.
{{TriviaQuote |Text='''Deputy Hudak:''' Does your cousin have a drinking problem?<br>'''Dean:''' Sam? Two beers and he’s doin’ karaoke. No, he wasn’t drunk. He was taken.<br>'''Deputy Hudak:''' Alright. What’s his name?<br>'''Dean:''' Winchester. Sam Winchester.<br>'''Deputy Hudak:''' Like the rifle?<br>'''Dean:''' Like the rifle.}}
{{TriviaQuote |Text=
'''Deputy Hudak:''' Samuel Winchester. So, you know that his brother, Dean Winchester, died in St. Louis. And, uh, was suspected of murder.<br>
{{TriviaQuote |Text=
This episode has similar themes to the ''[[The X-Files]]'' episode "[ Home]," which features a secluded family that has a long tradition of inbreeding and violence toward anyone who comes close to its members. Both episodes play on the same themes: a strong (and perverted) sense of family and a vision of horror that isn't brought by demons or creatures, but humans. It is often said to be the scariest and most disturbing ''X-Files'' episode.
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'''Deputy Hudak:''' Alright. What’s his name?<br>
'''Dean:''' Winchester. Sam Winchester.<br>
'''Deputy Hudak:''' Like the rifle?<br>
'''Dean:''' Like the rifle.
:''[ Winchester rifle] is the blanket term for any lever-action repeating rifles produced by the Winchester Repeating Arms Company.''
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