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A cicada spirit that originated in the forests of Malaysia and are very rare in America. They emerge from underground around the time of the spring equinox and enter humans through the mouth, so they can mate and breed. The hosts die and the next generation is born and remains underground for 27 years until the cycle starts again.
In Gunnison, Colorado, the cycle of bisaan mating became an urban legend known as "the chitters." According to Etta Fraser, during spring equinox people in town would go nuts. They would be so consumed with lust that their eyes would glow like green emeralds. They would have orgies in the woods and then disappear, never to be heard from again. "The Chitterschitters" moniker came from the the buzzing and clicking sounds of the bisaan communicating. Etta says that burning white sage can keep them at bay.
[[File:BisaanLarva.png|thumb|left|350px|A bisaan larva gestating in a host body.]]
When a bisaan possesses a human, the host will take on a pale appearance with pointed, thorn-like teeth and green glowing eyes. The possession eventually leads to loss of hair and genitalia. Bisaans communicate through a buzzing/clicking sound, especially to find a mate. After mating, the females hosts die and the larval bisaan gestate in their wombs for years before hatching.
* Burning White Sagewhite sage.
* Can be killed by decapitation.
* Fire

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