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This site remains free of spoilers for the show up until the time of first broadcast, with the exception of episode titles. Please be aware that entries related to early seasons may contain references to later episodes that may be considered spoilery for the earlier episode.  ==Religion==Much of the mythology of Supernatural draws on religious lore, particularly from the Abrahamic religions, although it is often altered from accepted canon. [[Deities]] and stories from many other religions including Hindi, Pagan, Wicca and Greek and Norse mythology also appear.  Representations of paganism and wicca in Supernatural have been criticised [[ as being portrayed as evil and violent. The characters of the Hindu Gods [[Ganesh]] and [[Kali]] in [[5.19 Hammer of the Gods]] drew criticism for being offensive from the [ President of the Universal Hindu Society].  ==Sex==There is very little onscreen sex in Supernatural, and it is generally brief and not explicit. You can find a full list at [[Sexual Encounters]], which covers those of Sam, Dean, Castiel and Crowley. Interestingly in the episode [[1.13 Route 666]] ''Supernatural'' editor Anthony Pinker reported "The violence we don't get a lot of notes on." For the episode "Route 666" though, "... The note I got from the network was 'The girl can't be on top.'" <sup>(cit.[[S1Com]], p. 77)</sup>

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