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Prank Wars

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#redirect [[Image:Kim and the boys.jpg|thumb|300px|Kim with Jared and Jensen after the prank he pulled on them in [[2.06 No Exit]]]] {{Quotation|title=|text='''Sam:''' Man, we’re not kids anymore, Dean. We’re not gonna start that crap up again.<br>'''Dean:''' Start what up?<br>'''Sam:''' That prank stuff—it’s stupid, and it always escalates.<br>'''Dean:''' Oh, what’s the matter, Sammy, you afraid you’re gonna get a little Nair in your shampoo again, huh?<br>'''Sam:''' All right. Just remember, you started it.<br>'''Dean:''' Oh, bring it on, Baldy. |source= [[1.17 Hell House]]}}  Supernatural has a great tradition of pranks both on the Show and behind the scenes. In 2007 Jared also hosted MTV's [[Room 401]] which was a horror version of Punk'd. =='''Pranks on the Show'''==In [[1.17 Hell House]], Dean pops a spoon in Sam's mouth while he sleeps in the car and snaps a photo of it - and the prank war is on! There is obviously a long history of this between the brothers - Dean refers to putting Nair in Sam's shampoo. Next up Sam messes with the [[Impala]] so when Dean turns on the ignition salsa music blares from the radio and the windscreen wipers start up. Dean retaliates with itching powder in Sam's underwear. Not to be outdone, Sam puts superglue on Dean's beer bottle so it sticks to his hand. Finally Sam and Dean call a truce and turn their attentions to [[Ed Zeddmore]] and [[Harry Spengler]], with Sam calling them posing as Hollywood producer who wants to option their website and make a movie and [[RPG]] based on them. Dean puts a dead fish in their back seat. The [[Trickster]] aka [[Gabriel]] was all about pranks - and it was no surprise that the others [[:Category:Deities‏‎|Gods]] knew him as [[Loki]]. In [[2.15 Tall Tales]], he messes with the boys to make them argue - so Dean thinks Sam has let down the tires on the [[Impala]] and Sam that Dean has messed with his laptop. His ultimate prank is trapping them in an endless cycle of TV shows in [[5.08 Changing Channels]]. =='''Pranks behind the Scenes'''==The Gag Reels featured on each Season's DVDs give a pretty good idea of the fun to be had behind the scenes on Supernatural. * Fandom got an idea that organised pranks were a part of the Supernatural set from the Season 2 Gag reel. During the filming of [[2.06 No Exit]], as Jensen and then Jared climb down into a narrow, vertical concrete manhole, the crew under direction of [[Kim Manners]] dumped gallons of cold water down on them. * [ In an interview] in June 2008, Jared said they had a plan to get Kim back. It was during this interview that the [[Twizzler]] incident occurred. * During [[2.11 Playthings]], [[Jared Padalecki]] stated that he and [[Jensen Ackles]] were somewhat freaked out by the room of blank-staring dolls in this episode. They kept daring each other to "poke" one particular eyeless doll in the eye sockets or to stand alone in the room. The pranks escalated slightly when Jared put a few of the dolls in Jensen's trailer "just to freak him out". * During the filming of [[3.10 Dream a Little Dream of Me]], during the scene where [[Bobby]] is in hospital, Jared kept twisting Jim Beaver's toes, trying to get him to laugh. At the [[Salute to Supernatural Chicago 2008]], Jared and Jensen related the following anecdote: <blockquote> Jim was lying in a hospital bed, trying to deliver his lines to Jensen and Jared, and just off camera, Jared was trying to make him mess up by playing with his toes while he was lying there. ... Jensen said Jared was playing “This Little Piggy Went to Market” and everything. Despite the distraction from Jared, Jensen said Jim delivered his lines perfectly and then as soon as the cameras stopped, yelled “What’s wrong with you?” to Jared. Jared said that Jim has “toes of steel” and that he was very impressed and will have to step up his game. </blockquote> From [ the report by efh].** [ Jim relates the toe story] * October 2007: [ Katie Cassidy] talks about getting pranked on set, and Jared talks about why pranks are important * [[Salute to Supernatural Chicago 2007]]: [ Sam Ferris talks about Jared] pranks and fart cans* [[EyeCon April 2008]]: [ Jared on pranks with Jensen]* [[Salute to Supernatural Dallas 2008]]: [ Jared talks about Jensen] using fart spray on him (and then they both used it on Kim * [[Salute to Supernatural L.A. 2009]]: [ Jared says] his fav prank was setting Jensen up to do the "Eye of the Tiger"* [ Jensen miming to] "Eye of the Tiger" at the end of [[4.06 Yellow Fever]]* April Fools! On April 1, 2010, [ Firefox News] posted a story that Joss Whedon was joining Supernatural as an executive producer and that Eliza Dushku would be Sam and Dean's hunter sister, Ashleigh Winchester.  '''ELLEN RULES!'''<br>At near the end of filming of Season 5, Ellen DeGeneres announced plans for world domination - a challenge some saw to the rule of @mishacollins. Production Assistant [[Lesley DeHaan]], known to fandom as @vancouvernights, [ took the teasing onto the set]. She then [ organised fans] to bring cut-out pictures of Ellen to [[Asylum Europe: No Rest for the Wicked 2010]]. The results are [ captured in this video].  [[File:Orangeundies.jpg|300px|right|thumb]]'''THE UNDERWEAR PRANK'''<br>At [[Salute to Supernatural Chicago 2009]], [[Richard Speight Jr.]] told the story of finding a pair of pumpkin colored briefs in his trailer. He thinks its a prank by Jared and Jensen, but finds out that they were a [[Misha]]'s. One day he'd spilled soup on his pants and had to change and the only spare briefs he had were the pumpkin colored ones - a gift from a fan! The Wardrobe Department had later laundered them and put them in Richard's trailer by mistake. * [ Richard's version]* [ Misha's version] Before the [[Jus In Bello Italy 2010]] in April 2010, Richard encouraged fans to "show Misha how much you care by bringing him a pair of men's bikini brief underwear" * [ The underwear prank: from ChiCon 2009 to Jus In Bello] by katwoman76* [ The Orange Undie Prank] by rogueslayer452* [ Richard Speight Jr. planning the underwear prank at the Welcome party], [ Misha Collins & the orange underwear Part 1] & [ Part 2], [ Misha Collins crashing the J2 panel] by stagie* [ Misha Collins & his undies] by Saboteur73 * [ Richard Spieght Jr. explaining the underwear prank] by cim4clam On return from Europe on April 28, Misha posted [ a picture of himself] with the underwear.[[File:Word with friendsBets.jpg|right|thumb|200px]]  '''MISHA VERSUS JARED'''* [[Salute to Supernatural New Jersey 2010]] - [ Misha about Jared and pranks with their cars]* [[Salute to Supernatural Vancouver 2010]] - [ Misha talks about Jared and the birthday text prank]* March 2011: [[Clif Kosterman]] tweets a picture of Jared and a bemused [[Harley and Sadie|Sadie]] looking on at a piles of coins in Jared's trailer. The culprit? Misha. Clif explained "Jared beat Misha in Words with Friends. Misha owed $1970 and ..." [ Source]. Payback's a bitch... in return Jared put part of the coins into [ Misha's car] with a note that read "Please accept this donation on my behalf. Make sure it finds its way to [[Random Acts]]. It should be around $660 CAD. P.S. I would appreciate a tax receipt. [ Misha tweeted] "The moral of the story is: Never leave your car keys sitting on your coffee table in your trailer. And the other moral is: Even getting something nice, like money for charity, can be a real pain in the ass." ==Links==* [ Season 1 gag reel]* [ Season 2 gag reel]* [ Season 3 gag reel]* [ Season 4 gag reel]* [ Season 5 gag reel]  [[Category:Fandom]][[Category:Production]]

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