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* The fact that Death is always eating when he is making a deal can be a reference to the [ death drive], from Freudian psychoanalytic theory about the two conflicting central desires which guide humans. While eating, although there is the life drive since the point of feeding is to keep alive, there is also the death drive, because it is necessary to destroy the food before ingesting, an aggressive element.
* [[Julian Richings]] played Death again in the 2011 short film ''Dave vs. Death'', although he's not stated to be the same character. This Death uses the prototypical "robe and scythe" appearance at first, before he switches to a black suit much like the Supernatural version, since he considers it "less theatrical." A man named David Kane, recently deceased, bargains for his life by playing a game of chess against Death, and one of his loved ones will die for every chess piece he loses. The end reveals that Kane tricked Death into killing people who were all plotting against him behind his back. Death is annoyed that David cheated, so he starts the game over again, but doesn't resurrect the people he already claimed in Kane's stead. It can be seen on the short films website [].
*It's been speculated that maybe Death is actually just a guy who was chosen and given the ring and title of death, instead actually being Death. Death doesn't seem to like his job, looking at it as a burden, and this person may have said they are as old or older than God simply because they think that the concept or attribute that they are representing is.
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