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Despite rivaling God's power, even Death had a few weaknesses. ===Harming and Trapping=== * He '''[[Binding Death|Binding]]''' - Death can effectively be bound (as he was . God kept him imprisoned beneath the [[Earth]] for thousands of years beneath for unknown reasons. After raising him, [[Lucifer]] was able to bind Death to him and control his actions to a moderate degree, to the extent that Death needed the Earth)[[Sam and Dean|Winchesters]]' help to free himself. [[Sam Winchester|Sam]] and [[Dean Winchester|Dean]] were also able to temporarily bind Death in an attempt to stop Castiel.<ref name="Abandon Hope" /><ref name="Survival" />* Can '''[[God]]''' - While God may not be killed by able to directly kill him, he is able to bind Death.<ref name="Abandon Hope" />*'''[[The Darkness]]''' - Fearful of the most powerful entity in existence, Death hesitated to break the [[Mark of Cain]], and even went out of his way to explain why to Dean, in contrast to his usual apathetic demeanor.<ref name="Brothers Keeper" /> ===Killing=== ====Weapons====*'''[[Death's Scythe|his own scythe]]''' - The only known thing that can kill Death.<ref name="Brothers Keeper" />
==Death's Accessories==

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