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Powers and Abilities
===Powers and Abilities===
{{Quotation|text = [[Weather Manipulation|Hurricanes]], floods, [[Resurrection|raising the dead]]. I'm more powerful than you can process.|author = Death to [[Dean Winchester|Dean]] regarding his powers|source = [[Two Minutes to Midnight]]}} Being the personification of the concept of death and as the eldest and most powerful of the [[Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse|Four Horsemen]], Death is one of the most powerful beings in [[the Universe]]. The only being to exceed his power is [[The Darkness]],whom he had shown to be slightly fearful of, and [[God]] being his only equal. To explain his power level to Dean, which he explained that he is, "''more powerful than you can process''", he said that a bacterium to a [[human]], is basically the same as a human to Death, and his age is such that he said the Milky Way was "barely out of its diapers".<ref name="Swan Song" /> Below are of all the powers that Death has demonstrated on the show. * He '''Nigh-[[Omnipotence#Nigh-Omnipotence|Omnipotence]]''' - As a primordial being and being the eldest and most powerful member of the [[Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse]], Death can do almost anything that he desires, possessing a great deal of near infinite supernatural power. Death is so powerful that he is one of the few beings that can raise enter [[Lucifer's Cage]] without the need of the [[Rings of the dead Horsemen]].<ref name="Swan Song" /><ref name="Appointment Samarra" /> Death is also powerful enough to remove and /or transfer the [[Mark of Cain]]. He even created an eclipse by realigning the Solar System.**'''[[Resurrection]]''' - As he is literally the bringer of death, Death can resurrect anyone all forms of life back to any state he so desires. He could bring multiple people back to life just with his passing. However, as it violates the Natural Order, he almost never does.<ref name="Appointment Samarra" /><ref name="Dead Men" />**'''[[Memory Manipulation]]''' - Death was able to suppress Sam's horrific memories of being in [[Hell]] by placing the memories behind a temporary wall he wantscreated in his mind.<ref name="Appointment Samarra" /><ref name="Knew Too Much">''[[The Man Who Knew Too Much]]''</ref>* *'''[[Teleportation]]''' - He can manipulate teleport himself anywhere in the universe instantly. He could even teleport into and leave [[Lucifer's Cage]] without the need of the rings.<ref name="Appointment Samarra" />**'''[[Weather Manipulation]]''' - Death is able to create cataclysmic events so harsh that he can wipe the Earth clean of any and all life, like he did during Noah's flood. He was going to wipe out an entire state with massive weather anomalies on [[Lucifer]]'s orders, but later decided not to whatever do it.<ref name="Swan Song" />**'''[[Touch-oriented Powers#Death|Tactile Necrokinesis]]''' - He can instantly kill anything or anyone in this manner. After being bumped into by a man walking in the opposite direction to him, Death brushed his coat with his hand where the man had walked into him, killing him instantly. He was also going to kill [[Castiel]], imbued with 30-40 million souls and a large amount of [[Leviathans]] by touching his forehead. He also said that he chooses would eventually reap God.<ref name="Swan Song" /><ref name="Survival" />**'''[[Invisibility]]''' - Like his brothers, Death can only be seen when he wants to be seen.**'''[[Supernatural Perception]]''' - He can tell what something truly is, regardless of how it appears, or wants if it is invisible. He could even tell Castiel was hosting Leviathan.<ref name="Like It Here" />**'''[[Apporting]]''' - Death was able to summon his scythe to him.<ref name="Swan Song" />**'''[[Terrakinesis]]''' - Death can rumble entire rooms to any magnitude he desires; he has done this when he was released from his prison, and when he was bound by Sam, Dean, and Bobby.<ref name="Survival" />**'''[[Thermokinesis]]''' - Death caused his scythe to beburn red-hot in order to make Dean drop it.<ref name="Swan Song" /> * Has extensive knowledge '''Nigh-[[Omniscience]]''' - Death has an almost absolute awareness of the universethat exceeds that of the archangels, and is only rivaled by God.<ref name="Swan Song" />* Can practically do whatever '''[[Immortality]]''' - Death is exempt from all forms of pain, fatigue, age, and disease. Death stated that he wants will eventually be the only thing to last forever.<ref name="Appointment Samarra" />**'''[[Invulnerability]]''' - As both a Horseman and a fundamental driving force, Death is exempt from physical harm and pain and go wherever he wantscannot be physically destroyed in any manner, except by [[Death's Scythe|his own scythe]].<ref name="Brothers Keeper" />

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