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=====[[11.13 Love Hurts]]=====
The "Kiss of Death" is an Aramaic curse created by the witch [[Sonja]]. Once the ritual is performed, it must be sealed with a kiss. The kiss marks the person for a [[qareen]], who will appear as the persons deepest, darkest desire before ripping their heart out. The curse can be transferred by kiss, but once the qareen has killed the cursed individual, it will work back until it gets to the original person who performed the curse. The only way to lift the curse is by finding the qareen's heart and stabbing it.
====[[12.11 Regarding Dean]]===
The "dearmad" [[spell]] is a Celtic hex used by [[Gideon Loughlin]] on [[Dean Winchester]]. When a person is hexed by this spell, they will slowly begin to forget things. As the hex progresses, memories of people and places as well as themselves will begin to fade, eventually the afflicted will forget how to speak and swallow, resulting in their death. The curse can only be lifted by performing a ritual found in the ''[[Black Grimoire]]''.
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