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Motels: Season 9

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The places Sam and Dean stay during each episode provides a very important backdrop to each episode. Whether they stay in a motel, squat, stay at Bobby's , or sleep in the car, it serves to remind us we are reminded of their nomadic existence. The sets are always excellent, with wonderful attention to detail, the work of Production Designer [[Jerry Wanek]] and Art Director [[John Marcynuk]].
The motels in particular have become a signature of the show with each one have having a different theme and the set detail often containing in-jokes that only the most dedicated fan will get. Jensen said of the motel rooms: "Jerry Wanek's just a crazy guy, and likes to use his talents when he gets the ability to, and the motel rooms are his passion. [ source]."
*[ Jensen talks about the motel sets] articles/article- June 2008.*[http:archives/season-nine/ Motel and Inns of Supernatural: Season 20061-get-a-room-supernatural-s-season-9-motel-rooms-part-1] picspam by Bellanut*[ Gimme Shelter: Motel and Inns of Supernatural: %20 “Get a Room!” Supernatural’s Season 2] picspam by Bellanut*[ Gimme Shelter: 9 Motel and Inns of Supernatural: Season 3Rooms - Part 1 ] by Bellanut*[http://ash48.livejournalWednesday for The Winchester Family Wherever I Lay My Hat: Accommodation of Supernatural: Season 4] by Ash48*[ You Can Check Out Anytime You Like: Season 5 Accommodations] by Ash48*[http:articles/article-archives/ash48.livejournal.comseason-nine/309904.html But You Can Never Leave: 20062-get-a-room-supernatural-s-season-9-motel-rooms-part-2%20%20 “Get a Room!” Supernatural’s Season 6 Accommodations] by Ash48*[ Rock, Wallpaper, Sofas: Season 7 Accommodations9 Motel Rooms - Part Two ] by Ash48*[ I Had to Stop Wednesday for the Night: Season 8 Motels] by Ash48*[http://ash48.livejournalThe Winchester Family Love Shack] fanvid by Ash48
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