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|episodes= [[11.22 We Happy Few]]
|text= What? (Holds up her cross pendant.) I can't serve both?
|author= Clea
|source= [[11.22 We Happy Few]]
===[[11.22 We Happy Few]]===
:''"End times shouldn’t bother you though, Ro, you a rat. Find your way off any sinkin’ ship."''
Believing the end is near, [[Rowena]] pays a visit to Clea. Not trusting Rowena, Clea instantly pulls a gun on her and asks what she wants. Learning that Rowena needs a second for a [[spell]], she is not inclined to help her, knowing of her "impetuous little fits." When Rowena tells Clea that the world is ending, Clea shows Rowena her [[tarot cards]], revealing she is aware that the end is near. Rowena entreats to Clea that the spell she is working on is from the ''[[Book of the Damned]]'' and can buy them centuries more of life by going back in time. Still sensing Clea isn't on board, Rowena tells her of her encounter with the Darkness, and that it will be the end of everything, including magic. Clea agrees to help, under the condition they go to the Greek antiquity time period. [[File:Clea-Death.png|thumb|left|350px|The attack on [[Amara]] backfires, killing Clea and her sister witches.]]

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