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Dark Side

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|title= Dark side
|text="dark Dark side"- a reference to the ''[ Star Wars] '' movie franchise, the dark side of [ the Force] is innately tied to the distinctly negative ethical paradigm of the Sith.
|author= [[Pad of Definitions]] ([[2.10 Hunted]])
|source= [[Official Website]]
===[[1.12 Faith]]===
:'''Sam:''' Well, I found this. (He hands the little book to Dean) Hidden in their library. It's ancient. Written by a priest who went Dark Sidedark side. There's a binding spell in here for trapping a reaper.
===[[2.10 Hunted]]===
:'''Sam:''' I mean, he must have had some kind of reason for saying it, right? Did he know the demon's plans for me? Am I supposed to go Dark Side dark side or something? What else did he say, Dean? ===[[4.09 I Know What You Did Last Summer]]===:'''Ruby:''' Now's not the time to bellyache about Sam going dark side. He does his thing, he exorcises that demon, or we die.
===[[4.18 The Monster at the End of This Book]]===
:'''Sam:''' You think I'll do it, don't you? You think I'll go Dark Sidedark side.
===[[5.06 I Believe the Children Are Our Future]]===
:'''Sam:''' So we tell him the truth. You say Jesse's destined to go Dark Side—finedark side — fine. But he hasn't yet. So if we lay it all out for him—what him — what he is, the apocalypseApocalypse, everything—he might make the right choice.
===[[6.20 The Man Who Would Be King]]===
:'''Bobby:''' But if we ain't...If there's a snowball of a snowball's chance here...that means we're dealing with a Superman who's gone Dark Sidedark side. Which means we've got to be cautious, we got to be smart, and maybe stock up on some Kryptonite.<br>
:'''Castiel:''' Superman going to the Dark Sidedark side. I'm still just Castiel.
===[[10.09 The Things We Left Behind]]===
:'''Dean:''' If I do go Dark Sidedark side, you got to take me out.
===[[10.11 There's No Place Like Home]]===
:'''Dean:''' Yeah. Hey, if Cain found a way to live with it after going Dark Sidedark side, then I just got to find a way to keep it in check, so haven't had a drink in a week, eight hours of rack time every night, and . . . now this masterpiece. ===[[13.03 Patience]]===:'''Dean:''' How's the kid, he go dark side yet?<br>:'''Sam:''' Nope. ===[[13.22 Exodus]]===:'''Mary:''' Dean, like it or not, Lucifer is Jack's father. He's going to take an interest in him.<br>:'''Dean:''' So, what, we're supposed to just let Lucifer drag him over to the dark side?<br>:'''Mary:''' Jack isn't going to the dark side. He'll see Lucifer's true nature. And he'll see through his own eyes, not yours.
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