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Why I love my fandom

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:Have remembered why I love my fandom. Picspams and meta and brilliant, gorgeous, funny, hot, angsty delicious fic. Pretty men doing pretty, manly things. [[Sam]]'s lovely hooker eyes and giant hands. [[Dean]]'s anime eyes and pouty mouth. [[Jared]]'s enormous laugh. [[Jensen]]'s blinding grin. Dimples. Hugging. Jensen's hand resting on Jared's chest. Dean telling Sam that as long as he's around nothing will happen to him. Spoons and itching powder. The greatest hits of mullet rock. Outlaw country. Kane and Carlson. The Metallicar. Rampant squee. The money shot in Dead in the Water. The wall slam in Salvation. The towel in Hell House. Oh my God, Dean's taking off his shirt! Oh my GOD, Dean's taking off his SKIN! Gun porn. Knife porn. Hand porn. PEN porn. Kripke being a magnificent bastard and owning my soul. Dean swooning in Faith. Freckles. This sucks out loud. OH MY GOD! Fireman costumes, priest costumes, and that slow, loving pan up Dean's body in Phantom Traveller. Are you humming Metallica? It calms me down. I can't do this alone. Yes you can. ''I don't want to''.

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