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1.15 The Benders

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[[File:TheBendersPromoPoster.jpg|thumb|left|200px|Promotional poster for "The Benders."]]
[[Dean]] and [[Sam]] are investigating some mysterious disappearances in Hibbing, Minnesota. After interviewing a young boy who heard something when the last victim, [[Alvin Jenkins]], disappeared, Sam himself goes missing, -- kidnapped from a parking lot outside a bar in the same manner as the other victims.
Dean reports his disappearance to the local sheriff’s office, pretending to be a police officer looking for his cousin. Inside a barn, Sam is being held captive in a cage, as is [[Alvin Jenkins]]. Two hooded figures enter and leave food, and Sam is astonished to find their captors are not supernatural beings, but people.
[[Deputy Kathleen Hudak]] begins helping Dean, and they identify a truck making a noise similar to what the witness reported. However, Kathleen discovers Dean's true identity along with his damaging [[Dean Winchester#Police records|police record]] ([[1.06]]), but motivated by the disappearance of her brother years ago, she agrees to continue the search for "cousin" Sam in hopes that she will also discover what happened to her own brother.
While Sam is trying to escape, the door on Jenkin’s cage opens, and against Sam’s warning he leaves the cage. Once outside, Jenkins is pursued, hunted, by two men who eventually kill him. Kathleen and Dean follow the truck to where it enters a property, but as they prepare to follow on foot, Kathleen handcuffs Dean to the sheriff’s car.
When [[Deputy Kathleen Hudak|Kathleen]] approaches the house, the door is answered by a young girl, [[Missy Bender]], who distracts Kathleen her while her father, [[Pa Bender]] , knocks her out.
Dean manages to escape from his restraints just before two other members of the Bender family approach. Dean finds Sam and Kathleen in the barn and he sadly confirms for Kathleen that he has seen her brother’s car near the house, -- evidence that the Benders were responsible for his probable murder. Dean is unable to open the cages, and goes to the house to search for a way to open themkey. He finds grisly and gruesome human remains decorating the house. Missy Bender surprises him and stabs him, allowing the rest of her family to attack and overpower him.
Pa Bender boasts to Dean that his family has been hunting and killing humans for generations. He threatens Dean with torture to find out if other police are on the way, and then says Dean must choose whether Sam or Kathleen will be the prey for the next hunt. Dean chooses Sam, but then Pa instructs his son, [[Jared and Lee, Bender|Lee]] to go and shoot both Sam and Kathleen.
Out in the barn, Sam has freed himself and Kathleen and they overpower Lee and then the other Bender son, [[Jared and Lee Bender|LeeJared]], and then the other Bender son, Jared, who comes to investigate. Sam knocks Jared out, and then shoots Pa Bender, leaving Kathleen to cover him while he searches for Dean.
While alone, Pa Bender taunts Kathleen about her brother’s death, and she kills him.
Meanwhile, Dean has escaped, escapes and locked [[locks Missy Bender]] in a closet. Kathleen joins the brothers and tells them she killed Pa Bender as he tried to escape. She lets the boys leave before the police arrive and admits that knowing her brother’s fate has not assuaged her grief.
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'''Dean:''' Don’t phantom attackers usually snatch people from their beds? Jenkins was taken from a parking lot.<br>
'''Sam:''' Well, there are all kinds. You know, Springhill Spring heeled Jacks, phantom gassers. They take people anywhere, anytime. Look, Dean, I don’t know if this is our kind of gig either.<br>
'''Dean:''' Yeah, you’re right, we should ask around more tomorrow.
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There was a family called [ The "Bloody" Benders] in Kansas in the 1870s, who killed over a dozen people. They were finally exposed by a man looking for his missing brother. [ More on the Bloddy Bloody Benders here.]
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[ Alexia Fast] who played [[Missy Bender]] also played [[Emma]] in [[7.13 The Slice Girls]].
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