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11.08 Just My Imagination: c/e
|image= [[File:Weems.png|350px]]
|name= Weems
|actor= [ Ed Witzke]
===[[11.08 Just My Imagination]]===
When his friend Fletcher has an accident and wets his bed, Weems takes his bed sheets and cleans them so Fletcher's mother doesn't find out about it. After Weems assures Fletcher everything will be fine, he tells him to go back to bed while he hangs up the sheets to dry on the clothes lineclothesline. As he is hanging up the sheets, he becomes suspicious that there is something watching him and attempts to look for it. When he finds nothing, he shrugs it off and goes back to the laundry, when suddenly he is stabbed through the bed sheet bedsheet with a knife, however . However the stab was not fatal and Weems was able to catch a glimpse of his attacker fleeing, desperate for help Weems calls to Sully to come to him.
When Sam, Dean and Sully arrive, they following Weems' blood trail to the garage, where he tells Sully that his fat ended up saving him due to the knife only going through his love handle. He is then surprised that Sam and Dean are able to see him, to which Sully assures him they are friends. Dean questions him on when he last saw Nicky Mermaid, and is shocked to find out she had been murdered along with [[Sparkle]]. Weems relates to Sam and Dean that "some chick" he never saw before stabbed him and drove off in a VW Bug. Though before Dean leaves to look into the new lead, he asks Weems what's his makes him appeal to kids, Weems tells him he plays air guitar and proceeds to shred an amazing quick solo out for Sam and Dean, much to their surprise.
After Sully patches Weems up, he decides to go and check on Fletcher to make sure he hadn't wet the bed once more.

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