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Tin hat

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Any information that appears to contradict this belief is rejected and said to be the work of the Network PR mavens or other evil doers (such as fake girlfriends). Weddings to people of the opposite sex are claimed to be merely elaborate means of concealing the true love, in this case of Jared and Jensen. Conspiracy theories abound.
* [ A collection of news items about Jared and Jensen with a Tin Hat commentary]
The adherence to their beliefs by tinhatters often manifests in extreme obsession with the topic. This may include direct attacks on people associated with Jared and Jensen through social media sites or blogs. To observe some extreme tinhats in their natural habitat you can visit the anonymous community [ spn_gossip]
[[Image:Tinhat.JPG|300px|thumb|right|2009 [[WinchesterCon]] Winning Tin Hat by huggenkiss]]
Admittedly distinguishing fiction and reality can be hard for even the most rational fan when co-stars start sharing a house.
An annual activity at the fan convention [[WinchesterCon]] has been the Tin Hat Parade, which involves fans making real tin hats out of aluminum foil.

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