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Interview: Kevin McNally

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UK Conventions / Fans
'''Kevin:''' The SPNFamily are certainly the loudest and most loyal I have come across on the circuit. There's never a dull moment at an SPN convention.<br>
'''Lucy:''' ''Do British fans react differently to you than USA or other fans? Do you have any funny stories about meeting UK fans, either Supernatural fans or others?''<br>
'''Kevin:''' I've always found US U.S. fans to be very respectful and often quite reserved. Not so in the UK. They are fulsome in their enthusiasm for the show and don't mind letting you know it. Which is nice.<br>
'''Lucy:''' ''What do you think of the way the SPNFamily have received you? Also the fan base's treatment of guest actors in general?''<br>
'''Kevin:''' I have been amazed to find out how accepted I was as a comparatively brief newcomer to the show. I have been made to feel very welcome. I think that's true for most guests.<br>

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