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|image= [[File:WalterRosenEnvyRosenEnvy.jpg|350px300px]]|name= Envy |actor= [ ?ref_=tt_cl_t7 Josh Daugherty]|dates= ???? - 2007 ([[exorcise]]d) |location= [[Hell]]
|occupation= [[Seven Deadly Sins|Demon]]
|episodes= [[2.22 All Hell Breaks Loose: Part Two]]<br>[[3.01 The Magnificent Seven]]
Envy is a black-eyed [[demon]] and one of the [[Seven Deadly Sins]]. His origins are unknown, but he existed as a demon with his six companions before the 16th century and has been trapped in [[Hell]] with them since the Dark Ages. [[Azazel]] means for Envy to be a soldier in [[Sam Winchester]]'s army, but after the army is freed from Hell at the cost of Azazel's life, Envy and the other Sins begin operating as an independent group, only caring about causing death and suffering to entertain themselves.
After escaping Hell, Envy [[possesses]] [[Walter Rosen]].
Envy has fully black eyes (irises and sclera). He rejects the idea that humans are "better" than his kind, explaining that humans are "just animals - horny, greedy, hungry, violent animals" and finding it "fun" to torture and kill them. In comparison, he has faith in the [[Seven Deadly Sins]], as he believes that they will come save him from the [[hunters]] and is later proven correct (though by this time, he has already been [[exorcise]]d).
===Powers and abilities===
* Envy can [[Possession|possess]] humans.
* Envy has the ability to make people want something so badly that they are willing to kill somebody else to attain it, just by touching them and pointing out the object in question to them.
* Envy is [[Telepathy|telepathic]], as he is able to look into people's minds, identify their sins, and read their memories, all of which he is able to do without resorting to [[possession]].
* Envy can be hurt by [[holy water]].
* A [[Devil's trap (symbol)|devil's trap]] will render Envy powerless if he is inside of one.
* Envy finds merely hearing [[exorcism]] rites painful, and he will be forcibly removed from his [[meatsuit]] and sent back to [[Hell]] if one is performed on him.
===[[2.22 All Hell Breaks Loose: Part Two]]===
Envy (and the rest of the [[Seven Deadly Sins]]) is later revealed to be among the hundred or more [[demons]] seen escaping [[Hell]] through the open [[Devil's Gate]] in this episode; like the other demons, he appears as [[demon smoke]].
===[[3.01 The Magnificent Seven]]===
Envy [[Possession|possesses]] [[Walter Rosen]] in Oak Park, Illinois, and he and the other [[Seven Deadly Sins|Sins]] celebrate their freedom from [[Hell]] by murdering other humans through their respective sins in Lincoln, Nebraska. In their down-time, they all hang out at the same bar. Eventually, [[demon]]ic omens caused by their presence draw [[Sam]], [[Dean]], [[Bobby]], [[Tamara]], and [[Isaac]] to the Sins. However, not realizing that there is more than one [[demon]], Tamara and Isaac attempt to capture Envy and in the process get attacked by the other Sins; [[Gluttony]] forces Isaac to kill himself, and they plan to kill Tamara next before Sam, Dean, and Bobby intervene. Envy goes to attack Dean when the latter runs out of holy water, only for Dean to throw him into the trunk of the [[Impala]], where Envy is caught underneath a [[Devil's trap (symbol)|devil's trap]] inside. The hunters drive off with Envy as their prisoner.
Back at the house they are using as a base, the hunters tie Envy to a chair underneath another devil's trap. He overhears them arguing over what to do next as well as their discovery that he and the other demons are the [[Seven Deadly Sins]], and appears disappointed when they don't seem impressed by this information. Knowing that the other Sins are coming to rescue him, Envy gleefully taunts his captors about their sins and approaching deaths. He is horrified when the hunters decide to [[Exorcism|exorcise]] him so that the other Sins will not be able to rescue him. Tamara is the one who performs the exorcism and while Walter doesn't survive it, it is successful in driving Envy out of him and back to Hell.

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