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Maggie Thompson

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|image= [[File:MaggieThompson.jpg|350px]]
|name= Maggie Thompson
|actor= [ Conchita Campbell]
|dates= ???? - 2007 (dispatched when her sister [[Rose Thompson]] chooses to die and keep her company forever.)
|location= Cornwall, Connecticut
|occupation= [[Vengeful SpiritGhost]]
|episodes= [[2.11 Playthings]]
When she was a child, Maggie Thompson drowned in the swimming pool at the Pierpont HotelInn, which is owned by her family in Cornwall, Connecticut. She haunted the hotel as a [[vengeful spirit]], kept in control with [[voodoo]] from Marie, the nanny of Maggie's surviving sister [[Rose Thompson]], who teaches the spells and rituals to Rose.
==Episodes=====[[2.11 Playthings]]===After Rose Thompson suffers a stroke, and can no longer perform the [[hoodoo]] rituals needed to keep Maggie currently appears in line. Masggie begins to appear as an "imaginary" friend to Rose's granddaughter [[Tyler Thompson]]. The family is now selling the hotel, and Rose, now an old woman has had a stroke and cannot do the spells anymore that restrain Maggie, and she starts As well as killing people associated with the impending saleof the hotel. Finally, fearing When she fears that she will be left alone, Maggie lures Tyler to the pool and tries to drown her. , however [[Sam ]] rescues Tyler, but in the end Rose gives her life to appease Maggie, and keep her company. ==See also==* [[Ghost]]* [[Toys]]

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