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1.21 Salvation

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On the road, John receives the news that [[Pastor Jim Murphy]], the priest from the opening, has been murdered, probably by demons. John feels the pressure to hurry, to find the next family on the demon's list. In despair, John mourns his friend and states “This ends… now… I’m ending it. I don’t care what it takes.”
Overcome by the size of their task, they split up to cover more territory and research all infants turning 6 months old in the coming week. As Sam leaves the medical center where he has been reviewing birth records, he has a vision of the demon's next target. Following the signs in his vision, he meets the young mother Monica and her daughter, [[Rose|Rosie]]. Unable to warn her, he returns to Dean and John. John is angry that the boys hadn’t told him before about Sam’s visions. Dean points out John's unresponsiveness and angrily states he would have had better luck winning the lottery than reaching his father on the phone. John agrees reluctantly. Interrupting, Sam’s phone rings and Meg, who they thought dead, demands to speak with John. She informs him that she murdered Jim Murphy and today she is with another friend, [[Caleb]]. She wants [[The the Colt]].
In desperation, John plays dumb and Meg promptly kills Caleb. She will keep killing all his friends until he hands over the Colt. Capitulating, John agrees to meet her in Lincoln at midnight for the trade. The boys protest handing the gun over, but John has a plan: they will use a substitute gun since Meg doesn't know what the real one looks like. In an emotional revelation, he admits again that he needs this job to finally be over. When Dean returns with the fake colt, he pleads with John to not throw his life away, as he’s no good to them dead. John tells them to do the same. He hands over the real Colt and the task of killing the demon to the boys, finishing the job he started.
'''Sam:''' Maybe we could tell em it was a gas leak. Might get em out of the house for a few hours.<br>
'''Dean:''' Yeah and how many times has that actually worked for us?<br>
'''Sam:''' Yeah. (He things some more) We could always tell em the truth.<br>
'''Sam''' and '''Dean:''' Nah!

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