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4.13 After School Special

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High school cruelty is viral: it gets passed from miserable teen to miserable teen. But when a girl at Truman High School kills another for calling her fat and ugly, [[Sam]] and [[Dean]] catch wind when she claims she was possessed at the time. She neither saw the black smoke nor smelled the sulfur that is typical of [[Demonic Possession|demonic possession]], so Dean is skeptical that there's a job in Sioux CityFairfax, Indiana. As it happens, the Winchesters were enrolled at Truman High, "Home of the Bombers," for a month in 1997, and Dean is not in a hurry to go back.
In a series of flashbacks, we see young Sam and Dean coming to yet another new high school. Truman is the third school they've attended that academic year, and it's only November. Dean isn't worried about fitting in or impressing teachers, since their father has promised they'll only be there two weeks tops, but Sam is tired of always being the new kid. On his first day of English class, Sam defends [[Barry Cook]] from the bullying of [[Dirk McGregor]], while the teacher, [[Mr. Wyatt]], assigns the class an essay on "their most memorable family experience." Dean, meanwhile, only has eyes for hot blond [[Amanda Heckerling]].

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