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8.13 Everybody Hates Hitler (transcript)

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SENTRY <br/>
[speaks in German]: Hole dir '''die''' Tripper / Hole dir '''den''' Tripper (Last one would be correct, but it sounds like the first one)<br>Subtitle: Get the clap.
A SOLDIER looks out a window upon hearing the SENTRY’s scream. He steps back in alarm as the SENTRY crashes through the window. The SOLDIER checks the SENTRY’s body, but the SENTRY is dead. The SOLDIER sounds an alarm as heavy footsteps can be heard approaching.
A GERMAN SOLDIER (unseen)<br/>
German: Ja was is' hier los?<br>
(Translation: What's going on?)
German: Schmeiß Schmeißt den Tisch um! <br>
(Translation: knock over the table!)
One of the SOLDIERS shouts in GERMAN SOLDIER <br/>German and the : Schießt auf Ihn! <br/>(Translation: Shoot him!)  The three SOLDIERS fire as the VERY LARGE MAN approaches them. The VERY LARGE MAN’s body is riddled with bullets, but he appears unaffected. He grabs one of the SOLDIERS and there is the sound of breaking bones. The NAZI OFFICER lights a match from the candle.

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