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8.15 Man's Best Friend with Benefits (transcript)

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The POLICEMAN is suddenly in his bed waking up from what seems like a nightmare. He appears to still behaving the nightmare as he sees himself to continue to kill the WOMAN and we see camera shots of her being killed.<br>
The POLICEMAN looks very upset and scared after waking up and the camera pans from him on his bed to a Doberman pincher laying lying nearby on his right. The DOG jumps up as she notices her master waking up from this nightmare.<br>
The dog climbs on the right side of bed with the POLICEMAN and he reaches his right hand out to caress her. The POLICEMAN calms down but the dog begins to whine as the POLICEMAN lies back down.<br>
JAMES’ House - Same Night<br>
DEAN and SAM quietly break in the front door and walk into JAMES house. DEAN walks in first. The brothers walk down the hallway that leads to the bedroom as DEAN pulls out the concoction from BOBBYS witch killing recipe that they put together at the hotel. It looks like a clear flask filled with blood and has a piece of cloth stuffed in the top of it for a cork. They slowly open JAMES’ bedroom door and DEAN walks inside first. JAMES is laying lying on the bed with his eyes closed but his eyes open as SAM and DEAN move closer to the bed. JAMES does not become upset even though he seems to know what is about to happen. DEAN clicks his zippo and sets the flame. He brings the flame closer to the cloth sticking out of the bottle as Portia steps out of the bathroom located in the bedroom.<br>

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