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8.15 Man's Best Friend with Benefits (transcript)

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The POLICEMAN looks very upset and scared after waking up and the camera pans from him on his bed to a Doberman pincher laying nearby on his right. The DOG jumps up as she notices her master waking up from this nightmare.<br>
The dog climbs on the right side of bed with the POLICEMAN and he reaches his right hand out to caress her. The POLICEMAN calms down but the dog begins to whine as the POLICEMAN lays lies back down.<br>
The DOG lays her head across her master’s lap and sniffs his hand. <br>
Portia... If I believe I'm innocent, I have to do the right thing. And if I'm not innocent, I have to do the right thing.<br>
PORTIA lays lies on the bed next to JAMES and puts her head on his shoulder.<br>

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