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1.09 Home (transcript)

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MISSOURI: Just take your kids to the movies or somethin’, and it’ll be over by the time you get back. [JENNY, still slightly unsure, leaves with her kids. MISSOURI goes back inside.]
[Inside the house, SAM goes into one of the rooms with a hammer. He kneels down by the wall and begins using the end of the hammer to hit against the walls. While he is doing this, a plug on the other side of the room takes itself out of the outlet. A lamp begins to move on its own also. The plug snakes its way towards SAM. Downstairs in the kitchen, DEAN is punching the wall with a small ax. Behind him, a drawer begins to open on its own. In the basement, MISSOURI is looking around. She brings a bag full of herbs to the wall. She hears a noise and turns around to see a table coming towards her. She screams as it pins her against the wall. Back in the kitchen, DEAN also hears a noise. He quickly ducks just as a knife hurls itself into a cabinet. DEAN places a table in front of himself as more knives come through it. Upstairs, SAM is chopping a hole in the wall. The lamp crashes to the ground. SAM turns around to see what the noise was, and the cord wraps itself around his neck. SAM falls to the ground, trying to get the cord off. Eventually, he lays lies weak on the floor. DEAN runs upstairs and into the room.]
DEAN: Sam!

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