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Karen Singer

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[[Death]] comes to [[Bobby]]'s town of Sioux Falls and raises the dead, including Karen, Bobby's dead wife. Having previously tested her after her return to confirm that she is not any kind of hostile being, Bobby tries to convince [[Sam]] and [[Dean]] to leave the town alone, as he wants to keeps his wife. But after she begins to turn, she begs Bobby to kill her before she hurts him. As her last act as herself, Karen warns Bobby that, because he's helping Sam say "no" to [[Lucifer]], Death has his eye on him, and raising Karen was to punish Bobby. After her demise, Bobby notes that seeing her again and being forced to kill her made her death worse than it was before.
[[File:Bobby&Karen.jpg|360px|left|thumb|[[Bobby]] remembers Karen as he lays lies dying in [[7.10 Death's Door]].]]
===[[7.10 Death's Door]]===
As he lies in a coma, [[Bobby]]'s subconscious works out that a possible way to recover is to access his darkest memories. One of them occurred three days before Karen was possessed by a [[demon]] and he was forced to kill her. She wants to talk to Bobby, and during the conversation he reveals that he doesn't want to have children, something he has never shared with her. Karen is extremely distraught. Bobby reflects that what was worse than killing her, was knowing that they never got past this argument.

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