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9.07 Bad Boys (transcript)

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DEAN and SAM are sitting at a table. DEAN, with a sly smile on his face, is watching the waitress who is at the counter, laughing with some other customers.
WAITRESS(to other customers)<br />
That's okay.
ROBIN<br />
Oh, oh. Uh, look, sorry. There's just -- there's so many boys that pass through there, it's – it's hard to remember every – every name and face.
DEAN<br />
KID 1<br />
We weren't even here this morning. Sonny sent us into town to get some chicken feed -- we swear.
DEAN: <br />What about Ruth? What can you tell me about her?
KID 2<br />
DEAN<br />
Listen to me. Guys like that -- they're cowards, okay? All you got to do is stand up to them one time and they'll stop, I promise.
TIMMY (looks down)<br />
Below, KID 2 is still working with the lawnmower.
The camera pauses on the red power lever for a moment. KID 1 watches to see what happens. The camera pauses on the red power level -- which flips. The engine turns over.
KID 2 screams; blood sprays out over KID 1, who tries to help his friend; KID 2 falls over; the lawnmower continues to run.
The camera pans over to TIMMY in the house. A hand clasps him on the shoulder -- the – a hand has with what appears to be strange markings, tattoos or scarring.

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