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9.07 Bad Boys (transcript)

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(Supernatural 9x07  Original Air Date Nov. 19, 2013)
SAM: <br />Dean?
SAM (continues): <br />Kevin?
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SAM: <br />Hello?
DEAN enters the room from behind (having presumably also heard the cellphone buzzing).
SAM: <br />I'm sorry, there's no, uh -- there's no Dee-dawg, uh...
DEAN grabs the phone.
DEAN: <br />I got it. , I got it. (DEAN takes the phone.) Sonny, hey. (pause) So what's up? (pause) Okay. (pause) All right. Yeah, just sit tight. I'll be there as soon as I can. (pause) Yeah.
DEAN hangs up.
SAM: <br />So, what was that all about, 'Dee-dawg'?
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DEAN: <br />You remember when we were kids that spring in upstate New York? Dad was on a [[rugaru]] hunt.
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DEAN (continues): <br />We, uh -- we crashed at the, uh ... the bungalow colony with the ping-pong table?
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SAM: <br />Yeah. Uh, y-you disappeared. Dad came back. You were gone. He shipped me off to [[Bobby Singer|Bobby]]'s for a couple months and went and … found you. You were lost on a hunt or something.
DEAN: *<br />''THAT'S* '' what we told you. (as if Sam's story refreshed his memory) Right.
:: Executive Producer
SAM: <br />I'm sorry. ? That's what you ''told'' me?
:: Executive Producer
DEAN: <br />Truth is, uh…
:: Co-Executive Producer
DEAN (continues): <br />I lost the food money that Dad left for us in a card game.
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DEAN (continues): <br />I knew you'd get hungry, so ... I tried taking the five-finger discount at the local market and got busted. I wasn't on a hunt. They sent me to a boys' home.
SAM: <br />A boys' home, like a … reform school?
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DEAN: <br />Yeah, more or less. It was a farm, and the guy who ran it—Sonny—he, uh, you know, he looked after me.
SAM: <br />Wait. Does Sonny know what we do?
DEAN: <br />Yeah. He's good people. I gave him the number to the Bat Phone, and sounds like he's got something in our wheelhouse.
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DEAN (continues)<br />So... Hey—you Hey – you gonna be cool to do this, or are you too tired?
SAM: <br />Uh, no. Yeah, I'm just, uh ... I'll be fine.
DEAN: <br />And ''everybody's'' okay with … heading out to the Catskills? (DEAN emphasizes "everybody" like he's trying to reach through SAM's skull to talk to EZEKIEL.)
SAM (looking bemused): <br />I am everybody.
DEAN: <br />Yeah. Right. All right. Grab your stuff, and we'll head out.
SAM: <br />Hey, Dean ... I mean, why didn't you just tell me you went to a boys' home?
DEAN: <br />I don't know. Uh, it was Dad's idea. And then it just—you know, the story became the story. I was 16.
Sign for SONNY'S HOME FOR BOYS. DEAN pulls up and parks between some farm fields and a house.
SAM: <br />You were here for two months and Dad couldn't find you?
DEAN: <br />Oh, no. He found me. He found me quick. But he left me here 'cause I lost our money.
Somebody is watching from an upstairs window.
SAM: <br />You were 16. You made a mistake.
DEAN: <br />Yeah. ''I'' made the mistake. (getting out of the car.) Look, I know how you think. None of this was Dad's fault.
The person watching from an upstairs window is a small boy with glasses, clutching an action figure doll.
DEAN and SAM go to the front door and knock. A middle-aged woman, with a sweater and a large cross on a necklace, answers the door. She folds her arms and looks at them.
DEAN: <br />Hi.
RUTH: <br />What can I do for you boys?
DEAN: <br />I'm Dean. This is my brother, Sam. We're old buddies of Sonny's.
RUTH: <br />Prison buddies?
DEAN swallows, taken aback; SAM coughs.
DEAN: <br />No. Uh ... you mind telling him that we're here?
RUTH, after a pause: <br />I'll go get him. (She turns around, then as they are about to follow her in, turns back to say: ) I just mopped this floor, so you take off those roach stompers.
SAM and DEAN look down at their boots and kick them off.
SAM (quietly, to DEAN): <br />Sonny's an ex-con, huh?
DEAN: <br />What, and we're such angels? Trust me, he's more than made up for it.
They enter the house. DEAN looks at the couch in the living room, and has a memory ...
A deputy sheriff, DEPUTY BILLY, wearing sunglasses, is talking to SONNY, a guy with large sideburns and a plaid shirt. They are in a living room with 16yo YOUNG DEAN sitting cuffed on a couch.
DEPUTY BILLY: <br />Steven Hewlett caught him red-handed stealing up at his store.
SONNY: <br />So what'd he take?
DEPUTY BILLY: <br />Get this—peanut this – peanut butter and bread.
SONNY looks at YOUNG DEAN assessingly, sitting as he sits cuffed on the couch.
SONNY: <br />Okay. And how about family?
DEPUTY BILLY: <br />Well, his old man called. (YOUNG DEAN looks up.) Once he found out what happened, he said let him rot in jail. (YOUNG DEAN looks down at his knees.) Judge is off on a fishing trip. Boy's too young to leave in County. So we thought it best he stay here till arraignment.
SONNY: <br />I don't see why not, man.
DEPUTY BILLY (taking off his sunglasses): <br />Appreciate it, Sonny.
SONNY (noting a black eye on DEPUTY BILLY): <br />Where'd you get the shiner?
YOUNG DEAN laughs.
DEPUTY BILLY to YOUNG DEAN: <br />You think that's funny?
YOUNG DEAN: <br />I think you're slow.
DEPUTY BILLY (angry, advancing towards YOUNG DEAN): <br />You sucker punched me!
YOUNG DEAN: <br />You wish!
SONNY: <br />Come on, now! (loudly, to get their attention) <br />(then, more calmly:) Billy, I got this, buddy. It's all right.
DEPUTY BILLY, calmer, leaves. YOUNG DEAN waves goodbye sarcastically.
SONNY: <br />You shouldn't do that, kid.
YOUNG DEAN: <br />Yeah? Why? Because he's a cop?
SONNY: <br />Because when you make him mad, he leaves with the key.
YOUNG DEAN's face falls, he holds up his cuffs, and shakes his head disgustedly. SONNY watches, with a tiny small on his face. Then he leans forward to pick up a paperclip from an ashtray on the coffee table.
SONNY: <br />Eh, don't sweat it.
Sitting in front of YOUNG DEAN, SONNY takes his cuffed hands to open up the cuffs. YOUNG DEAN's forearms are bruised and red, as if bruised or abraded by bindings or ligature marks.
SONNY (noting the marks with concern): <br />Deputy do that? (YOUNG DEAN scoffs and shakes his head.) What, your old man? (YOUNG DEAN shakes his head no.) Well, then, how'd you get it?
YOUNG DEAN (turning back to SONNY, somewhat defiantly): <br />Werewolf.
SONNY looks at YOUNG DEAN for a long moment, realizing he's not going to get a different answer from the kid.
SONNY: <br />Okay.
SONNY turns back toward the cuffs, opening up them with the paperclip, and removing them. SONNY stands up and starts walking out of the room. Freed, YOUNG DEAN shakes his hands and stands up too, shaking his hands.
DEAN: <br />So, how do you know I won't just run away?
SONNY: <br />Because you're hungry.
YOUNG DEAN: <br />No, I'm not.
SONNY: <br />Well, then, why'd you steal bread and peanut butter?
YOUNG DEAN shrugs.
YOUNG DEAN: <br />So, what is this place, anyway?
SONNY: <br />It's for boys like you. You work the land. Teaches you some discipline and responsibility. Keep you out of trouble.
YOUNG DEAN: <br />(laughs) <br />That's lame.
SONNY: <br />Beats jail. Come on. I'll fix you something to eat.
Back to present day. DEAN is smiling slightly. SONNY walks in. He's wearing glasses, has his hair pulled back in ponytail.
SONNY: <br />Dee-dawg!
DEAN: <br />Sonny! Good to see you.
SONNY: <br />Hey, you, too, brother. (They hug. SAM stands by watching.) Oh, and this must be Sam.
SAM: <br />Good to meet you.
SONNY: <br />Back at you, brother.
DEAN: <br />So, farm looks, uh, nice.
SONNY: <br />Oh, please, man. It's barely standing. Only got a handful of kids working around here now.
DEAN: <br />Why's that?
SONNY: <br />Because these days, the system would rather incarcerate a boy than redeem him.
RUTH is wiping down a table nearby.
SAM: <br />Hey, Sonny, uh, you–you mind if we talk alone?
SONNY turns to RUTH: <br />Hey, Ruth, would you, uh, please go check on the boys, make sure their morning chores are getting done?
DEAN: All right. So, what's happening?
SONNY: <br />Well, you remember Jack, don't you?
DEAN: Yeah. The, uh, tough, old leatherneck.

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