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1.16 Shadow (transcript)

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|Director=[[Kim Manners]]
|AirDate=28 Feb 2006
== TEASER ==
(FADE IN: Chicago, Illinois. A young woman, MEREDITH, is walking home while listening to music on her iPod. A tall, burly man bumps into her. She gives him a disgusted look and continues to walk. Shortly after turning the corner, her iPod stops playing music. MEREDITH takes off her headphones.)
KRISTEN: Hey, Meredith. It’s Kristen. You have to tell me what happened last night. Call me. (The beep sounds and another message begins to play. While MEREDITH listens to the message, the shadow begins to form on the wall of the apartment. It begins as a swirling cloud of smoke and morphs into the silhouette of a tall, skinny creature. The creature’s shadow slowly moves towards MEREDITH’s shadow on the wall. It sticks its long, sharp-nailed fingers through MEREDITH’s chest. MEREDITH’s blood splatters on the wall, and her shadow falls to the ground. The screen goes black.)
== ACT 1 ==
(FADE IN: EXT. – Apartment. One Week Later. SAM and DEAN stop their car across the street and get out, dressed as employees of the alarm system company. DEAN gets a toolbox from the trunk of the car, and they proceed towards the apartment.)
DEAN: Next time you wanna get laid, find a girl that’s not so buckets-o’-crazy, huh? (He smiles and walks away.)
== JOHN ==
(CUT TO: INT. – Motel. Hallway. DEAN and SAM are walking back to their room.)
JOHN: Hey, boys. (DEAN and JOHN walk towards each other and share a long, emotional hug. SAM watches sadly. DEAN and JOHN pull apart a few seconds later.) Hi, Sam.
SAM: (softly) Hey, Dad. (He Sam and John do not hug, but look at each other. Sam places the bag full of weapons on the floor.)
DEAN: Dad, it was a trap. I didn’t know, I’m sorry.

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