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3.07 Fresh Blood

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|image= [[Image:3-07 Fresh Blood.jpg|300px|Promotional image from Fresh Blood]]
|title= Fresh Blood
|episode= Season 3, Episode 7
|imdb= [ Fresh Blood]
|download= [ iTunes], []
|outline= [[Sam ]] and [[Dean ]] are tracking a vampire, but things get complicated when [[Gordon ]] returns.
|motw= [[Vampires]]
|location= [,_New_York Albany, New York]
|timeline= }} 
 [[Gordon Walker]] has escaped from prison, and tracks down [[Bela]] after he finds out she had been working with the Winchesters. Although he threatens to shoot her, she only reveals their whereabouts when Gordon gives her a priceless [[Mojo Bagmojo bag]]. [[Sam ]] and [[Dean ]] are hunting a [[vampire ]] who has killed two people. They find a third victim still alive, and Dean captures the vampire and subdues her by injecting her with [[Dead Man's Blood (Pad of Definitions)|Dead Mandead man's Bloodblood]].
When Sam and Dean interrogate the vampire, [[Lucy]], they find out she was picked up in a club by a guy called [[Dixon]] who spiked her drink with vampire’s blood. He took her back to his place, but she escaped and started killing people to feed. She is unaware of what's happened - she thinks she is on a drug high and can't come down. Seeing no alternative, and with Sam's approval, Dean kills her.
Gordon wakes up to find himself bound to a bed frame. Nearby two young women are restrained – Dixon is turning them into vampires. Dixon explains to Gordon that hunters killed his nest, including his daughter. Dixon had been planning on using Gordon to feed the girls he is converting, but as Gordon continues to taunt him, Dixon snaps, and instead cuts Gordon and bleeds onto the wound.
Dean has worked out that Bela betrayed them to Gordon, and he calls her, threatening to kill her next time they meet. In order to placate him, Bela, using a [[Ouija Boardboard]] to contact a spirit, finds out where Gordon is and passes the information onto the boys. The spirit also warns that the boys should stay away from Gordon.
When Sam and Dean arrive at Dixon’s place, they find Gordon gone, and Dixon distraught. The two young women are dead, their heads ripped off by Gordon – now a vampire.
Gordon visits Kubrick, revealing he is now a vampire. He tells Kubrick to let him live long enough to use his new improved strength and senses to kill Sam. Nevertheless, Kubrick attempts to kill him and so Gordon kills him by ripping his heart out.
Dean and Sam have searched for Gordon to no avail. Dean declares he will go after Gordon on his own but Sam protests and confronts Dean about his attitude since he made the deal with the [[Crossroads Demoncrossroads demon]]. Dean denies he is scared, but Sam persists, saying that what he really wants is to feel like Dean is his brother again. Dean agrees that he will stay, and they prepare to wait out the night.
Gordon rings the boys – he has a young woman he will kill if they don’t meet him. When Sam and Dean arrive they rescue the woman, but as they are leaving, a rollerdoor closes, separating them. Trapped in the darkness, Sam is at a disadvantage to Gordon's enhanced sight. Outside Dean fails to open the door, and then has to use the [[the Colt]], as the young woman they rescued turns out to be a vampire and attacks him.
Dean locates where Sam and Gordon are fighting, but Gordon throws him aside, and then starts to bite him. Sam pulls Gordon from Dean, and manages to grab some barbed wire which he wraps around Gordon’s neck. Sam garrottes Gordon, until he is decapitated.
*"Seven Minutes in Heaven" by Dave Feldstein: ''(plays when Dean and Sam exit Spider and look for the vampire)''
* "Crazy Circles" by Bad Company
:''(plays at the end as the boys work on the car)''
{{TriviaQuote |Text=
'''Gordon:''' Sam Winchester's the [[Antichrist]].<br>
'''Bela:''' Ooh. I’d heard something about that…<br>
'''Gordon:''' It’s true.<br>
{{TriviaQuote |Text=
'''Dixon:''' I was desperate. You ever felt desperate? I lost everyone I've ever loved. I'm staring down eternity alone. Can you think of a worse hell?<br>
'''Dean:''' Well, there's [[Hell]].}} 
The vampire's hunting ground was the "Spider" bar, on Jefferson St.}}
{{TriviaQuote |Text=
The factory the final fight takes place in is "on Riverside, off the turnpike.".}}
{{TriviaQuote |Text=
The neon sign outside the warehouse the vampire is holed up in says "Trade Co.".}}
{{TriviaQuote |Text=
When the fight is over with Gordon, Dean stands next to a sign that says "183 Days" - possibly a reference to how long he has left on his deal.}}

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