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Future Castiel

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[[image:FUTURECAS.jpg|380px|left|thumb|[[Cas ]] organizing an orgy.]]
Future!Castiel is a version of [[Castiel]] five years into the future of 2009. In 2012, [[Lucifer]]'s minions re-released the [[Croatoan]] [[demon]] virus - in this post-apocalyptic world, most humans have been reduced to murderous [[zombies]]. Castiel is at [[Camp Chitaqua]] with [[Future!Dean]], [[Future!Chuck]] and other survivors. Future!Castiel informs [[Dean]] that sometime after the [[Croatoan virus]] was released, the [[angels]] left, and so did most of his angelic powers, so that Cas is now effectively human. He can however detect that Dean from 2009 is different from Future!Dean. He is embittered at his situation and has immersed himself in "women and decadence." When Dean first encounters him, he is organizing an orgy, and is a bit out of it. Future!Castiel is now considered a mortal angelic being; in other words he is a powerless [[angel]]. The fact that he recognizes that Dean is from the past indicates that he still has some supernatural power. He is presumably killed during the attack on [[Lucifer]].
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