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Carl Granville

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Carl is the husband of [[Alice Cassity]]. Having a crush on Alice and realizing that she wasn't interested in him, he made a deal with a [[crossroads demon]] in exchange for his [[soul]] for Alice to be his wife. Before marrying Alice, he was caught having sexual intercourse with Alice's little sister, [[Margot Cassity|Margot]] by her father, [[Noah Cassity]].
===[[8.14 Trial and Error]]===
Carl introduces himself to [[Sam]] and [[Dean]] when they arrive at the farm looking for "work." He leaves to let [[Ellie]] sort them out. Later on in the evening Carl and his wife [[Alice Cassity|Alice]] are having a romantic dinner outside in the yard. During their conversation they are distracted by the noise of a wolf howling and Alice, concerned about the horses, leaves to check on them.

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