Soul Eater

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Soul Eater
Powers and Abilities Consumes souls
Vulnerabilities Celtic Sigil Trap, Soul Eater Killing Sigil
Appearance Pale human with black empty eyes
Episode(s) 11.16 Safe House


Soul eaters inhabit a plane between the human world and another, a place that exists outside of time and space. When a soul eater moves into a house, it creates a "nest." The nest then takes on the appearance of the home it is in, albeit much darker. Being between worlds, a soul eater is capable of mustering enough strength to snatch the souls of its victims and take them to its nest, where they feed the soul eater until the soul withers away. To keep the victim's soul vulnerable, a soul eater will mess with their heads, showing them images of things/people they love in distress.

Powers and abilities

  • Electromagnetic interference – The presence of a soul eater in a home can cause the lights to flicker. Their presence will also cause EMF detectors to pick up the interference.
  • Invulnerability – Soul eaters are impervious to most forms of harm.
  • Possession – A soul eater can possess its victims.
  • Soul removal – A soul eater can place a person in a coma state, while they feed on their soul in their "nest."
  • Telekinesis – Soul eaters can influence objects with a thought.
  • Teleportation – Soul eaters can instantaneously move between the physical world and their nest.


  • Celtic Sigil Trap – A Celtic sigil trap can trap a soul eater.
  • Soul Eater Killing Sigil – A special sigil painted in blood inside the house it resides in and inside its nest can kill it. Once killed, all the soul eater's victims residing in its nest will be freed, and either allowed to pass on to the next plane of existence or returned to their still-living bodies.


11.16 Safe House

Soul Eaters in Lore

Soul eaters are folklore creatures most notably tied to the Hausa people of Nigeria and Niger. Soul eaters are connected to the beliefs surrounding witchcraft, zombies, and various were-creatures. In traditional folklore, a soul eater is capable of consuming a person's spirit, causing a fatal wasting disease. It is also believed that soul eaters are men who have been cursed by witches and must feed on the spirits of other people to survive.