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Powers and Abilities
Appearance Pale humanoid
Episode(s) 1.06 Art of Dying


A group of four soucouyant were terrorizing a small town in Barbados, when a small team of hunters tracked and killed three. The final soucouyant fled to its cave where it was pursued by one of the hunters. The other hunters set-off C4 causing as cave in killing the soucoyant.


A soucouyant is a rare type of vampiric witch found in the Caribbean. They appear pale with a mouth full of sharp fangs.

Powers and abilities

  • Pyrokinesis – A soucouyant can emanate fire from it's arms to attack its victims.


  • Celtic sigil trap – The Mac possessed soucoyant used pyrokinesis to burn away the sigil in Tracy Gellar's, whether the warding kept the soucoyant or the spirit from entering the house is unknown.
  • Crushing - A cave-in was able to kill a soucoyant.
  • Decapitation – Removal of the head is a one of the methods to kill a soucoyant.
  • Stake to the heart – A stake to the heart is also effective against a soucoyant, though it is not specified if a specific type of stake is needed.


1.06 Art of Dying

Soucouant in Lore


  • The Soucouant was played by professional wrestler and stunt woman Taryn Terrell.