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Name Sorento
Actor Luc Roderique
Dates  ???? - 2013 (killed by Benny Lafitte)
Location Prentis Island, Washington
Occupation Vampire
Episode(s) 8.05 Blood Brother


Sorento is a vampire who is a member of the same nest as Benny was originally. He is part of Benny's Maker's vampirate operation. He was involved, fifty years ago, in killing Benny and was the one that actually decapitated him. He falls under Andrea Kormos' command when she becomes the Maker's second-in-command, something he is clearly unhappy about.


8.05 Blood Brother

Sorento is at the Maker's mansion when Benny and Dean arrive, and Benny is taken captive. He eventually takes Benny to their Maker, but when Benny reveals that Andrea gave him the key to his handcuffs and he is now free, Sorento attacks him. However, Benny has learned new moves in Purgatory and easily overpowers Sorento and decapitates him with his own knife, killing him.