Skull of St. Peter

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The Skull of St. Peter is a holy reliquary originating from St. Peter, the first Pope and one of the Twelve Apostles. The skull is housed at the Holy Sisters of Malta Monastery in Valletta, Malta. When the skull is stolen, Father Lucca Camilleri is tasked to retrieve it by attempting to buy it back from the thieves.


13.15 A Most Holy Man

A man, Antonio Miele, breaks into the Holy Sisters of Malta Monasteary, having been hired by the head of the Seattle mob, Santino Scarpatti, to steal the skull for his collection. Upon taking the skull, Antonio is met by a nun, whom he regretfully renders unconscious. With the skull in hand, Miele travels to Seattle, Washington, to complete his and Scarpatti's transaction. Before he can meet with Scarpatti, Miele is ambushed by Mr. Cromarty, an employee of Margaret Astor, who steals the skull.

When Sam, Dean, and Father Lucca Camilleri learn of the skull's location, they find that it is being auctioned off between Scarpatti and Richard Greenstreet. Sam attempts to buy the skull with the money Father Lucca brought. The sum of $634,000 and two cents, was, however, no match for Santino Scarpatti's offer of $3 million. Greenstreet does not bid on the skull; he instead offers Mr. Cromarty $1 million to kill Maragaret and give him the skull. Cromarty obliges Greenstreet's offer, but a gunfight ensues, killing all but Greenstreet, who is arrested by the authorities. With the threats gone, Father Lucca is able to get the skull back without losing a penny and return it to its rightful home.


  • Saint Peter was one of the Twelve Apostles of Jesus in the Christian tradition and is considered by Roman Catholics to have been the first Pope. According to legend, he was also entrusted with the Keys of Heaven.