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Name Sherwin
Actor John R. Taylor
Location Cornwall, Connecticut
Occupation Bellhop
Episode(s) 2.11 Playthings


Sherwin is an elderly bellhop in Pierpoint Inn, having worked there for almost his whole life.


2.11 Playthings

When Sam and Dean arrives Sherwin shows them to their room, telling them about the hotel's past occupants (two vice presidents) and that he practically grew up at the Pierpont. Later when Dean stops at the hotel bar, it's Sherwin who is the bartender and offers Dean a drink. Dean then asks Sherwin he could tell him any stories about the hotel's past -- Sherwin tells him that the hotel used to be the Thompson estate before it was converted, and that it has been in the family over a century. When he shows Dean an old photograph of Rose Thompson with her old nanny, Marie, Dean notices the hoodoo necklace on Marie.

Sherwin is last seen in a driving off in a red pickup truck as Susan Thompson is packing her car.