Sheriff Len Cuse

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Name Len Cuse
Actor Fred Ewanuick
Dates  ???? - 2014 (killed by Starr)
Location Hibbing, Minnesota
Occupation Vampire
Episode(s) 10.08 Hibbing 911


Len Cuse was a vampire who has been around since at least the '60s. Len believed using every part of the kill when feeding, a belief he passed on to the people he turned throughout the years. At some point Len grew a conscience, and left his nest – becoming a Sheriff in Hibbing, Minnesota.


10.08 Hibbing 911

Sheriff Len Cuse stands at a podium, addressing the room full of sheriffs and welcoming them to the sheriff's retreat in Hibbing, Minnesota.

Wanting information on the "animal attack," Jody and Donna approach Len at a bar, questioning him about it. Before they can dig out any information out of him, Deputy Brice Graham enters the bar to alert Len about issues with the "raffle" and excuses himself to deal with it.

The next day, while Donna is getting some air, she finds and follows a trail of blood to where Len is crouching over Sheriff Goodhill's body, his vampire fangs extended. She hides behind the porch pillar and freaks out while Cuse runs away. Returning inside, Donna pulls Jody aside to tell her what she has seen. To Donna's relief, Jody believes her and after Jody can't reach Sam and Dean, they break into Len's room. Searching the room, Donna is confused by the amount of sunscreen Len has but finds an address on a piece of paper before Sam and Dean arrive. Donna is shocked when Jody explains to Sam and Dean that Len is a vampire.

Sam, Dean, Jody and Donna track Len down to a farm outside of town, the group slowly approaches the barn, Sam peeks in a window, sees Sheriff Cuse. When he looks back, Cuse is gone only to pop up in the window right in Sam’s face and tells him to "Run!" However everyone gets jumped and knocked unconscious. Len pleads with Starr, telling her that he will rejoin the nest as long as nobody else gets killed. However, Starr tells him that they aren't going to kill anyone, rather he is. Len defiantly tells Starr to kiss his ass, and is decapitated.