Sheriff Jake Devins

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Name Jake Devins
Actor Daniel Hugh Kelly
Dates  ???? - 2005 (killed by Peter Sweeney)
Location Lake Manitoc, Wisconsin
Occupation Sheriff
Episode(s) 1.03 Dead in the Water


Sheriff Jake Devins is the father of Andrea Barr and grandfather to Lucas Barr. When they were kids, Jake and his friend Bill Carlton accidentally killed another boy, Peter Sweeney, when they held his head under water for too long in Lake Manitoc.


1.03 Dead in the Water

Thirty-five years after his death, the spirit of Peter Sweeney begins to take revenge by killing those close to Bill and Jake. When Sam and Dean arrive at Lake Manitoc, they question Sheriff Devins about Sophie Carlton's drowning, but is unable to tell them anything and tells them that Will Carlton was traumatized and his mind was playing tricks on him, and that nothing could have dragged Sophie Carlton underwater.

After Sam and Dean learn of Peter Sweeney's drowning and his and Bill Carlton's involvement, Sheriff Devins arrives to see Sam and Dean have unearthed Peter's old bike that was buried in the yard, and at the behest of his daughter confesses his involvement in Peter's drowning. When the spirit of Peter Sweeney tries to drown Lucas, Jake enters the lake and is drowned in his stead, saving his grandson's life.