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Powers and Abilities Unknown
Vulnerabilities Unknown
Appearance Pale mottled flesh with long black claws.
Episode(s) 13.02 The Rising Son


The shedim are creatures deemed Hell's most savage, due to their dark and base nature God locked them away deep within the caverns of Hell, never to see the light. At some point the Prince of Hell, Asmodeus freed them as he thought he could control them to gain favor with Lucifer. Lucifer however, feared them, and locked them back up.


Little is known about the shedim other than they are some of Hell's darkest creatures, which were sealed away by God and feared by Lucifer. They appear to have pale, mottled and burned flesh with long black claws adorning each hand.


13.02 The Rising Son

Asmodeus, in the disguise of Donatello Redfield, is able to trick Jack into opening a Hell Gate in Jasper, Wyoming. Telling him of how some of God's elite troops were trapped deep within the caverns of Hell. Jack begins using his powers and opens up a gateway to Hell, moments later the arm of one of the shedim reaches over a log as it begins to crawl it's way out of Hell, followed by another. But, when Jack realizes he has been tricked by Asmodeus, who is killing Sam, Dean and Donatello, he sends the shedim back to Hell and seals the gate up.

Shedim in Lore

In Jewish folklore, the shedim are type of supernatural creature, akin to a demon or spirit. The shedim are said to have the feet and claws of a rooster as well as wings like an angel. The shedim have many origins in Jewish lore, some believe that they are the decedents of serpent-like demons, another belief is they are the spawn of Azazel and the demon Naamah. Another legend believed the shedim were meant to be the original humans, which God left unfinished due to keeping the Sabbath holy. In Jewish and Islamic lore, the shedim are said to be the followers of Asmodeus, who is their king.