Shawn Raider

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Name Shawn Raider
Actor Seth Isaac Johnson
Dates  ???? - 2017 (killed by Dr. Avery Meadows)
Location Grand Junction, Colorado
Occupation Ghost
Episode(s) 13.05 Advanced Thanatology


Shawn Raider was a teenager who, along with his friend Evan, broke into the abandoned home of Dr. Avery Meadows in Grand Junction, Colorado.


13.05 Advanced Thanatology

On a dare, Shawn joins his friend Evan as they break into the abandoned Meadows Mental Health Center. Shawn feels trepidation about entering the house, but Evan assures him they will get a lot of hits from the footage they film. Inside the house, Shawn begins to voice his reluctance to go upstairs. When Evan tells him he is scared, Shawn points out that he came along and didn't bail like their friend Mike. Eventually persuaded, Shawn joins Evan in the upstairs exam room. Finding a collection of plague doctor masks, Evan puts one in Shawn's backpack. After doing so, they begin hearing noises, convincing Shawn to leave the house. As Evan begins teasing him, they begin hearing voices and race downstairs to the front door. There they are confronted by Dr. Avery Meadows, who grazes Shawn's head with his drill before Shawn is able to slip away. Meadows turns his attention to Evan and kills him while Shawn makes his escape. Shawn is found wandering the side of the road, bloody, only saying the word "Monster" before he completely stops talking.

When Sam and Dean get wind of what happened, they pay a visit to the Raider home. While Sam speaks with Shawn's mother, Dean pays a visit to Shawn to try and glean any information. He enters Shawn's room to find him drawing the same picture of a plague doctor mask over and over, only briefly stopping to slightly acknowledge Dean's presence, but continuing to remain silent.

Later that night, Shawn is awoken screaming from a nightmare. His mother rushes in the room and calms him down, telling him it was only a bad dream and to get some sleep, which gets Shawn to finally speak, saying the word "Okay." Soon after his mother leaves his bedroom, Shawn begins hearing a high-pitched whirling coming from across the room. As he looks over, Dr. Meadows materializes and charges towards Shawn and possesses him. Placing his stolen plague mask on Shawn, Dr. Meadows takes him back to his home where he forces Shawn to drill a hole into the side of his head, killing him.

Sam and Dean go to the Meadows house to try and find Shawn. After they deal with Dr. Meadows' spirit, they realize the house is filled with ghosts and they need to locate their bodies. Dean induces a temporary death to cross into the Veil and speak with the ghosts to find where Meadows buried the bodies. Dean soon runs into Shawn, who recognizes Dean. Shawn explains what happened to him and says that he misses his mom. Dean apologizes for failing to save him and says that he will help Shawn pass on to a better place if he tells him where Dr. Meadows buried the bodies, which Shawn does.

After Dean makes his deal with Billie, the reaper Jessica appears before all the ghosts in the house and tells them to come with her and that everything will be okay. One by one the ghosts pass on to the next plane, with Shawn and Evan being the final two. The next morning as the authorities are pulling out the bodies that were hidden in the house, Shawn's body is wheeled out to be identified by his mother, who begins to mourn her son.